Friday, October 25, 2013 Canada and Obscurrantism and the Monarchy and 'MOTHER NATURE' of "males"...!


Do not ask me why...!?
A RED Cardinal in compliance with a RED Maple Leaf...!

_______________________________ Canada and Obscurantism and the Monarchy and 'MOTHER NATURE' of "males"...!

REMEMBER JESUS was and had to be "MALE"...! It would not make sense to have a FEMALE "JESUS(A) CHRISTY"...!

...Catholicism "methodology", and "inquisitory" rules...! This methodology finds "reasonable reasons" for application/usage of Rules/Acts/Laws even if they be "secretive" and "illegal" as to World standards...!

...CATHOLIC STYLE inquisitory, as to OBSCURANTISM against progress or new logic, that may go against their ESTABLISHED ancient University Bible Theology, or other...!

BUT amazingly, Canada harbors the most advanced logic or "most of it advanced ideas", in Toronto Universities like that from Evan Thompson, and USA or other, as SUSAN Blackmore, etc...!