Thursday, October 17, 2013

...a dodo bird signs a ACT-Rule-LAW and ignores the WRONG LOGIC and HUMAN Rights Violations...!

Surrey Memorial "Hospital"...!

Premier of BC - Christy Clark [Liberal Party]

You were there, at only a few 50 feet from the "Sharia-Gitmo Mental Health Wards" detention center...! A Pre-Cambrian human rights Dynosaur...! EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ABDUCTION CENTER...!


...i hope the new emergency facilities do more better than bad to most everybody...!

...i went for high blood pressure treatment, and was prescribed "NITRO SPRAY"...! For the pain ...!
So I ended up trying all kinds of meds with my Doctor, and had to go to Venezuela for good paid exams with complete printed photos and exams...!
Canada does not want to give your exams to you...! It could be used against them...!

Today I have done fine, with the best of 2 medications, and my blood pressure has decreased...! not go to any Hospital to renew a medication prescription or ask for one...! THEY NEED YOU SICK OR DYING...!

VERY FEW Drs. will even attend to me or give me the medication THAT I WANT...!

CHRISTY CLARK, you were again only a few 50 feet from the worst HUMAN RIGHTS violations I have ever known of in a modern Country...! SECRETIVE INQUISITIONAL - Sharia_Gitmo...!
AND YOU SIGNED the wrongly used new MENTAL HEALTH ACT...! Which is completely wrong in its redacted LAW or Rule...!!!

YOU SIGNED IT, you will be present or Premier of the time, at your JUDGEMENT...!