Friday, September 20, 2013

...Venezuela [Rep. Bol. of Venezuela] and ZAPATA for today...! What a "bird"...!

ZAPATA of Venezuela [Rep. Bolv. of Venezuela] of today 20 Sep 2013

____________________________________ this/that is a "bird"...!

...when the "beak" grows too long, it cannot fly, because it's nose is too heavy...!

...a TUCAN has as is a very too long "beak"...! Not to mention a PELICAN...!

...these long beaks makes them have to slant their heads backwards to get something in and swallow...! They have to slant their beaks side ways to be able to "drink" water, or stick it all in...!

...false statements and documents made legal are "fraud" and "defamation"...!

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