Monday, September 9, 2013

...going slowly and rapidly worse...! Venezuela leaving regional Human Rights Instrument...!

THE SLOW downhill of Venezuela went more and more inclined as the 14 years of Chavez's Government went more and more "corrupt"...!


Venezuela’s withdrawal from regional instrument is a serious setback


_____________________________________ of today, anything of Chavismo, is a continuum of decline and burial in time and History of a famous and high quality Country, devastated by un-atended poor, that took over with the "mediocre" Chavistas, the Country of Venezuela...!

...the World worry, is if Venezuela could cause more than Regional crisis...!

...IF YOU WANTED TO CONGRATULATE mediocrity and decadence, Venezuela and Chavismo would be near or at the top of the list...!

...soon you will all have in Court why Canada left legality of human rights and their Constitution...! This blog explains the why...! REMEMBER: anything illegal, draconian, and inquisitions,  have always had aparently accepted reasons beyond legality, and always, they have been proven wrong...!