Wednesday, September 4, 2013

...debunking christianity...! Lataster...! No Jesus = No God = No Gods...!

Lataster:  No Jesus = No God = No Gods...!


Raphael Lataster is bright young scholar from Australia.  In 2012, he submitted a Master's

Thesis on Jesus Mythicism that was approved by the University of Sydney. As such, he may be

among the first to have a thesis sympathetic to Jesus Mythicism approved by a world-class

university.  Now, Lataster has used that thesis as the basis of a new book, There Was No

Jesus, There is No God, to be available shortly on Amazon (Kindle version already available).

Although I am not a  Jesus mythicist, I do think that Lataster makes a good case that one

cannot simply dismiss all versions or all aspects of Jesus mythicism. His work addresses the

work of Bart Ehrman and W. L. Craig, among many others.  See Book Description...

Part 1 reveals the spurious nature of the sources used to establish the truth of Christianity

and the existence of Jesus, and the equally spurious methods employed by many Biblical

scholars. A brief interlude then leaves no doubt that the existence of the Christ of Faith is

virtually impossible, and concludes that even the existence of a stripped-down Historical

Jesus is uncertain. Bayesian reasoning is shown to justify sceptical views on many topics,

including the existence of God.

Part 2 shifts the focus to the God of classical theism and monotheism, examining the evidence

and arguments from scientific, historical, and philosophical perspectives. The inadequacy of

the case for God is found to easily justify non-belief (atheism). Furthermore, considerations

of alternative gods and conceptions of God, lead to game-changing concerns for Christians,

Muslims and Jews.



...i commented: No doubt...! Lataster surely studied hard into historical records of birth (death) certificates of the Romans or Jews of a so called Jesus, and did a thorough study into the Canonicity of the Scrolls of the Dead Sea and others...!

I AM SURE some better logic of pure logic, would have guided him better if it did not at all, in his endeavors of the Mysticisms of Old...! And better Bayesian Logic, in reduction to the absurd, from a number of prior assumptions or premises, and or antecedents and precedents...! To not fall into the necesity of negating something more than a Naturalistic Origin, because a endless loop occurs in their minds or logic...!

As to Atheism, he must not have read my Book of Pure Logic...!