Friday, August 30, 2013

...anagrammatt of war communications...! ...a prophecy on syria...!

Main known attack sites on Syria...! far as i know and it is by merely a birds eye flyby view, Syria is not more than Iraq...!

...what may result after, cannot be worse than the actual destruction and refugees...! it might just turn into another Lebanon and Palestinians...!

Prophecy on Syria
In that day great destruction beset them.

The birds nests were all blown from the trees,

The rivers lost their footholds,

The Palaces were no more,

We found them in their hiding holes,

The spies later let us know more,

The "cream" of their nation was devastated,

After the first enormous attack,

We followed them too also,

Our birds of spying and prey fed on them,

So was that month the death of so many
civilians and refugees avenged,

And those that were sacrificed innocently,
died as heroes for them.

Great is the power and the anger and
justice of the Gods.


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