Friday, August 30, 2013

...anagrammatt of war communications...! ...a prophecy on syria...!

Main known attack sites on Syria...! far as i know and it is by merely a birds eye flyby view, Syria is not more than Iraq...!

...what may result after, cannot be worse than the actual destruction and refugees...! it might just turn into another Lebanon and Palestinians...!

Prophecy on Syria
In that day great destruction beset them.

The birds nests were all blown from the trees,

The rivers lost their footholds,

The Palaces were no more,

We found them in their hiding holes,

The spies later let us know more,

The "cream" of their nation was devastated,

After the first enormous attack,

We followed them too also,

Our birds of spying and prey fed on them,

So was that month the death of so many
civilians and refugees avenged,

And those that were sacrificed innocently,
died as heroes for them.

Great is the power and the anger and
justice of the Gods.


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...are we really esentially much better than NORTH KOREAN firing squads...???

Kim Jong-un’s ex-lover, famous singer in North Korea, reportedly executed by firing squad
National Post Staff | 13/08/29 | Last Updated: 13/08/29 2:25 PM ET


South Korean news sources are reporting that singer Hyon Song-wol, reputed ex-lover of North

Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, was among a dozen artists who were executed for violating anti-

pornography laws.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper said Hyon, a singer with the Unhasu Orchestra, was

arrested with 11 others on August 17. All 12 were machine-gunned down by a firing squad three

days later, while members of their immediate family were forced to watch, the paper reported.

The family members were then sent to prison camps.

They were executed with machine guns while the key members of the Unhasu Orchestra,

Wangjaesan Light Band and Moranbong Band as well as the families of the victims looked on, a

Chinese source said in the report.



...can somebody tell me what difference is this thing of "gunning down-firing squad" justice, with the Western World...? ...merely a little bit more of a jailed limited waste away life...! the western world, you can get "gunned down" by man made sicknesses and Cancer and tumors...! you can get sent to the concentration camps of: "mental health services"...!; you can end up in the concentration camps of the peasants, that live a side line life of poordom and control by their jailers = "communist" social services...! and you name it: IT IS JUST A SIMULATED "good", with SIMILAR SLAVERY MINDS AND NEGATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, DONE in their covered up ways...!

...english poor peasants and homeless, are as "living dead veterinary zoo" animals...! they
would be happier "dead"...!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

...AnAgrAmAtt to another big "BUM and ASS"...!

Dedicated to some of all the dumb logic of this World...!

...into the competition of Cartoons of "asses" and "bums"...!

Mission Control - we have landed on a mountainous planet, with plenty of "natural gas"...!
"...impossible mission": book of pure logic /

...well we are into the cartoon style of mountains as "asses or bums"...! many of those eye-sore huge props for generating power are these World asshole leaders going to put up...???

...when will they make the decision to stop green house effect gas emissions and the burning of vital oxygen (O2)...???

 ...into the competition of Cartoons of asses and bums...!

...the Moon has no winds and plenty DUST...! NASA’s LADEE Lunar Probe Set for Spectacular Science and September Night Launch – Visible to Millions and Millions

NASA’s LADEE Lunar Probe Set for Spectacular Science and September Night Launch – Visible to Millions and Millions 

For your info, there are no winds on the Moon and plenty of dust...! And it has around 1/3 of the gravity of the Earth...! So they tried to show us the "Moon walk" as jumping floating a bit...! ! !


...i just like the depth of dust depicted here on the Moon...!


WELL THE MOON DOES NOT ROTATE ON ITS AXIS AS THE EARTH or other planets...! AND IT HAS PLENTY OF DUST...! This is so that it can shine at night and even at daytime...!

THE PHASES of the Moon are like eclipses because of the Earth's shadow, BECAUSE IT IS ON  a similar rotation plane as the Earth around the Sun...!

IT is like a ball tied to a string that you can swing around your head...! THIS MAKES IT DO ONLY ONE [1] [UNO] rotations around you, always facing you the same side...! THIS IS WHAT THE MOON DOES WITH A SLIGHT SLANT MOVEMENT FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS...!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

...this year DAY OVERSHOOT DAY arived earlier on the 20th of august...!

[-] August 20 is Earth Overshoot Day 2013

[-] We've used up all the resources the Earth can provide for the year and are now in 'overdraft', campaigners warn

    The world has now reached 'earth overshoot day', the point in the year that humans have exhausted supplies such land, trees and fish
    We have also outstripped the planet's annual capacity to absorb waste products including carbon dioxide, the Global Footprint Network says

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 23:03 GMT, 19 August 2013 | UPDATED: 23:03 GMT, 19 August 2013
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Earth overshoot day is calculated by comparing the demands made by humans on global resources - our 'ecological footprint' - with the planet's ability to replenish resources and absorb waste.

This year, in less than nine months we have used as much of nature as the Earth can regenerate in a year. Earth overshoot day has fallen a couple of days earlier than it did last year.

Humans now need the equivalent of 1.5 planets to sustain us, and by mid century it will have risen to two planets, the campaigners said.

China has the biggest total ecological footprint, because of its large population, but other countries have much higher demands on resources per person. If everyone were to live like U.S. residents we would need four planets to supply demand, the report said.


'The maths is simple - the UK consumes and produces waste at a rate three and a half times greater than we can sustain, and today humanity has already exhausted what the planet's ecosystems can provide in a year.

'We're in the red and gambling with ecological bankruptcy, as the fracking debate shows. If it chose to, the Government can always print more money, but it can't print more planet. Ecological overshoot should lead the political agenda.'

August 20 is Earth Overshoot Day 2013, marking the date when humanity exhausted nature’s budget for the year. We are now operating in overdraft. For the rest of the year, we will maintain our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


...well folks simply, at the current World usage of resources and waste produced, we need 1+1/2 more PLANETS...! you think hydroponic farms will do it...? I wonder where will synthetic fertilizers come from after CRUDE OIL...? you think technology will solve the Planets woes...??? I find it hard to be of good faith...!!! IN EVOLUTION, A SPECIES EXTINGUISHES "NORMALLY" BY LOSS OF SUBSTRATE, OVER-POPULATION, OR OTHER...!

[[["...If it chose to, the Government can always print more money, but it can't print more planet..."]]]

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 pure logic and literature: the AMERICA'S are not in the BIBLE, making it a ignorant[ignorant's] Book...!

AMERICA'S are not in the BIBLE...!

The Bible is really a dumb ignorant Book...!

Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?

Many people have claimed that the United States is not mentioned in the prophecies of the Bible. Actually the US was plainly foretold in the Holy Scriptures, 2,300 years before the Declaration of Independence. The US and modern nations are clearly mentioned in Bible prophecies that are being fulfilled right before our eyes. God, in his foreknowledge and wisdom, saw the nations that would exist at the time of His return. In His love, He gave Daniel a vision so that we might have understanding in these last days and prepare ourselves for His soon return!

Modern Nations Represented in the Bible

We can identify the kingdom of the ten horns that will be the last kingdom upon the face of the earth prior to the establishment of the Kingdom of God by Jesus Christ. We can identify the modern nations represented by the lion, the bear, the eagle, and the leopard in Daniel 7. The symbols used to depict modern nations in Daniel 7 are used one other time in scripture, but in a different way.

In Daniel 7, the four beasts depict four individual nations. In Revelation 13, the Apostle John saw a vision of one beast instead of four. The one beast was described as having the body of the leopard, the feet of the bear, the mouth of the lion, and the ten horns of the ten-horned beast. This conglomerate beast of Revelation 13 is depicting the endtime world government of the Antichrist. All of the beasts in Daniel 7 have now merged into this one unified beast…except for one. The eagle’s wings are not mentioned in the description of the world government beast! Could it be that the United States will be one of the dissenting forces against the Antichrist and his world government, a harbor of safety during the troubled times ahead?


Comment from a reader at :

My head is about to explode! The U.S. in the Bible, just because one of its symbols is an eagle? Talk about retro fitting prophecy into the Bible. This is the shoddiest of all Biblical interpretation that I have ever seen. This is worse than Harold Camping and his predictions of the hour of the second coming...!


The question we who teach, preach, and write about Bible prophecy get practically every time there is a forum for Q & A, is something like: “What about America –is it in Bible prophecy?”
 The answer that must be given, if we are to be absolutely faithful to truth found in God’s Word is: No, America isn’t mentioned by name in Bible prophecy. But, it is always appropriate to follow up with: However, America is certainly in prophecy in the sense of being among the nations foretold to influence the course of human history while the end of the age approaches and the tribulation looms on the prophetic horizon. We can say that, because here we are, right in the mix of things moving the world toward the climax of human history. 



...anything far short from the flat Earth believers, and that the Earth was or was not the center of the Solar system or Universe, is to claim the undiscovered AMERICA's are mentioned in the BIBLE...! And to have a reasonable explanation of the why the AMERICA'S are not mentioned...!

...FOLKS WE HAVE ALL been duped by a UN_HOLY Book made HOLY, and merely mostly a fable...!

I SWEAR IF GOVERNMENT MAKES "SANTA CLAUS", a true story to follow, or the "WHITE GORILLA and his Space Ship" it will happen...!

...does not INSANE WITH NO-REASON Evolution govern Science and Academia...???!!!
...Good social family Church activities have to progress, to better teachings and beliefs...!

SO ALL YOU PRAYING to Mother Mary or Jesus, you are wasting your time...!
Your best bet is to learn pure logic, and use all the power of mind and meditate in reality...!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

...we are 100million more humans since the 7billion mark...!

We are 100million more humans since 7Billion...!

In merely 527days, not even two years...!


...that is like 3 more Canada's added to the World...!

...this is insanity of World Governments, and Religions and Evolutionists...!

...obama gets 2 i.d. security checks a day...! well with so many geek movies these days, it makes you wonder how safe are we...?

...obama gets 2 i.d. security checks a day...! well with so many geek movies these days, it makes you wonder how safe are we all...?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

...many happy returns to the canadian mint roral tot...!

Kate Middleton, Prince William And Baby Prince George Celebrated With Royal Canadian Mint

The Huffington Post Canada  |  Posted: 08/08/2013 2:25 pm EDT

...Canada was the last one or of the last ones to come out of the Dark middle ages, soon after year 2,000 , as to Court Papers headings of : ..."The Queen E2 defender of "THE FAITH"...! etc..."...! Canada makes a mint to the Royal Tot, which I hope does not get any disease, is not affected in any way by exterior rouge chemicals his "normal" development, and never gets human made Cancer, heart disease, pestilence, loose an eye, has to smoke or drink etc...!

...i hope this kid is not a spoiled "jerk" like his Dad is...! THAT THINKS poor English love him, and have enough to live well on, and that they are not hungry and dispossessed...! would do him good to be "mangled" or crippled, or fall down a stairs, or over a cliff...!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

...severe shallow Earthquake South of Panama, near Colombia...!

6.6 - south of Panama

Severe // Earthquake

18 minutes ago


A strong and shallow earthquake with registered magnitude of 6.6 struck south of Panama / west of Colombia on August 13, 2013 at 15:43 UTC. USGS measured depth at 10 km, EMSC registered M 6.7 at depth of only 2 km!

Epicenter was located at sea 99 km (62 miles) WSW of Mutis, Colombia and 373 km (232 miles) SSE of Panama City, Panama at coordinates 5.871°N 78.235°W .

There was no tsunami generated. No damage or injuries were reported.

Residents in several towns in the southwest and in central Colombia said the quake caused strong shaking, the head of the seismic detection network at Colombia's geological service, Jaime Raisgosa, told Reuters.

There are about 3824 people living within 100 km radius.




Monday, August 12, 2013

...why Mars One is crap...!

China’s state-run rags brand Mars One mission a scam

Beijing doesn't like the idea of its citizens visiting RED planet
By Phil Muncaster, 24th May 2013


Chinese state-run media has branded the Mars One mission designed to land successful applicants on the Red Planet in 2023 a “hoax” and probable “scam”, in what appears to be a co-ordinated attempt to undermine the non-profit behind the project.
In a “news” article titled Settlement on Mars a hoax? Over 10,000 Chinese people fall for it, Communist Party mouthpiece The People’s Daily claims without direct quotation that project CEO Bas Lansdorp has already admitted the 2023 date is unlikey.

“[He] admitted in an interview last week that they were beating a retreat from the plan since the complexity of the project goes far beyond their imagination,” it said.
The report goes on to claim that Mars One’s registered office in Amersfoort shows no signs of company logo, and is in fact a mere rented space in a shared office facility.
“Therefore, media assumed that Mars One project is probably a commercial scam,” the red rag continues.



info <>

Why you are crap...?

[1] How can you send more people very 2 years and cargo, and not send
for a return...? Is the equivalent weight of return more than all you send ?

[2] How can you prove to us all back on Earth than any photos are not
made up like a Hollywood movie...? Or even if somebody came back !

[3] I would be more convinced of you going to the MOON, and doing your
bogus crap trip and living quarters there...!




George F. Thomson
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Sunday, August 11, 2013 those that could give but do not...! to justice and peace...! to those that live off humans in some way or form...! those that could give but do not...! to justice and peace...! to those that live off humans in some way or form...! those that have money and power, and take it away from others...!



... Railway in Lac Mégantic disaster - anagrammatt - who pays...!? well get all you can before they go Bankrupt, even if it not be complete...!

Railway in Lac Mégantic disaster files for bankruptcy, setting stage for massive legal battle

Nicolas Van Praet | 13/08/07 | Last Updated: 13/08/08 8:32 AM ET


Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway Ltd. has filed for bankruptcy protection in both Canada and the United States, setting the stage for a massive legal battle as lawyers for Quebec victims of one of North America’s deadliest rail crashes target the railway’s parent and the oil companies involved.

The railway sought relief from creditors Wednesday in a Maine court under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy code. At the same time, Canadian affiliate Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Canada Co. filed an application under Canada’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act in Quebec Superior Court.

“It has become apparent that the obligations of both companies now exceed the value of their assets, including prospective insurance recoveries, as a direct result of the tragic derailment at Lac-Mégantic,” railway chairman Ed Burkhardt said in a statement. “[A bankruptcy protection filing] is the best way to ensure fairness of treatment to all in these tragic circumstances.”



...well get all you can before bankruptcy...!!!

...noo...! folks...! a train that goes by "in their minds" in front of 24 Susses and Parliament Hill, crashed front on in front, and "ignited"...!

...carbonized 2/3 of them all, and "dead do not talk nor claim anything"...!!!

...the train line filled for bankruptcy, and the Government of Canada is paying off all...!

Sounds like a similar story to me...!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

...who has done more for "NIGERS, BLACKS"...! Oprah sure does fight for them...!

WHO FREED and fought for "Niger's, Blacks" freedoms from slavery...?

THE WHITE'S mostly did and fought for it in war...!

WHO FOUGHT FOR "NIGER'S, BLACKS" civil rights in USA and the World...?
THE BLACK'S DID mostly, as did: Martin Luther King, etc. ! ! But White's again granted it...!


...but NIGER'S are Niger's...! And WHITEY'S are whitey's...! is a matter of opinion as to whom is nicer looking, and who has a "tougher" skin...! to IQ and Intelligence...! I accept that each human species generally have specialties and particularities...! I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR THESE...!

I CAN BE A HUMAN UGLIEST BEING, with a nice voice and character, intelligence and logic, AND USE A MASK OF A NIGER...! AND SO WHAT...!

In pure logic, human species, are nice variance of human beings, that cause racism, badly used, and Capitalism and Money causes social classes and poverty, and POLITICIANS cause "hunger" and deaths and WARS...!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 the better of Electric Cars so far...! 28,000$ GM Volt with a gas/gasoline generator...!

GM offers big price cut on Chevy Volt

By Charles Riley  @CRrileyCNN August 6, 2013: 11:26 AM ET


General Motors announced Tuesday that it will knock $5,000 off the sticker price of a new Chevy Volt, making it the latest electric car to be steeply discounted as automakers battle for buyers.
Customers will be able to get the discount on 2014 Volts, reducing the car's starting price from $40,000 to $35,000. Government tax rebates can bring the price down as low as $27,495, GM says.



Simply put, the Volt is a quantum leap forward in automotive innovation. An electric car that delivers up to 60 km1 of pure electric, responsive driving on just one charge from any standard electrical outlet. Need to keep going but can't stop to plug in? Its range-extending gas generator seamlessly kicks in to help get you there. It’s a moon-shot. It’s a game-changer. It's the Chevrolet Volt.

2013  Chevrolet  Volt  Base

1SA Package

Colours & Wheels

Exterior: White Diamond Tricoat

Interior: Pebble Beige/Dark Agent w/Premium Cloth Seat Trim

Seats: Custom Front Bucket Seats

Wheels: 17" x 7" 5-Spoke Painted Aluminum

Selected Options

Voltec Electric Drive Unit

Single Reduction Gear

Tires: P215/55R17 AS BW Low Rolling Resistance

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

1.4L I4 DOHC Engine Range Extender

Radio: Colour Touch AM/FM Stereo w/Navigation

Bose Premium 6-Speaker Audio System

Option Total



Cash Credit^

Total Less Cash Credit


…though I had criticized GM VOLT, it was a logic conception CRITIQUE, and not a comparative CRITIQUE with other electric VEHICLES…!

…to be fully electric and plug in, and not hybrid, AND HAVE A GASOLINE GENERATOR on board to charge and/or SIMPLY PROPEL YOUR electric motor, IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN FIND…!

…MIND YOU THAT, though nobody has said it or IT IS A WELL KEPT SECRET…! YOU CAN, WITH THE RIGHT GEARING, make a nearly permanent motion ELECTRIC CAR, WITH A FEW NORMAL BATTERIES OR OF LITHIUM-ION, directly generating current, above the required to reach even good top speeds of most driving…! 

THAT a generator geared to the back wheels, can self generate a self energy producing electric car...! With no need for a gas generator other than for an emergency jump start/charge to essential batteries...! Etc...

BUT THE SECRET OF THE WORLD IS, that they want to USE UP all CRUDE OIL, to self destroy the World, to Hunger, Global Warming, Global rising of Sea Levels, and who knows what other CONSEQUENCES…!!!

NO FEAR, proper good technology, compared to what most Vehicles are, is only for the savvy and the Courts to determine, that they are really rubbish for the IGNORANT…!

...let your yea be yea, and your nay nay...! DO YOU READ YOUR BIBLE [ that is some general knowledge, but mostly non-sensical verbose prose of a mix up of things...! ] ???

This view of Documents and Procedures done costs 6$ online. BUT I PROVIDE IT HERE SO THAT it does not get "buried" and you see for yourself that MY REPLY of the 18th July,  IS HARD TO ACCESS for no real reason than "HIDING"...! My Reply is a Commercial no-no...!


"...YEA yea, nay nay...!"

(Matthew 5:37 [KJV])
But G1161 let G2077 your G5216 communication G3056 be G2077, Yea G3483, yea G3483; Nay G3756, nay G3756: for G1161 whatsoever is more G4053 than these G5130 commeth G2076 of G1537 evil G4190.

(Matthew 5:37 [Darby])
But let your word be Yea, yea; Nay, nay; but what is more than these is from evil.

(Matthew 5:37 [WEB])
But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.

___________________________________________ cannot answer a CIVIL CLAIM, DENYING and then AFFIRMING IF BY "ANY MEANS" THERE BE "TRUTH" IN THE CLAIM, they "SOMETHING"...!!!


... A DENIAL SPECIFIED, IS A CLEAR NEGATIVE;;; and a POSSIBLE "ACCEPTANCE OF CHARGES", but "something", IS A POSITIVE, making their response a BIG "NULL - NAUGHT - ZERO"...!  A CONTRADICTION hence is a Zilch nothing...!
...THEY DO NOT KNOW EVEN MATHEMATICS, and as good Canadians, do not know what "RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE IS, NOR HOW TO REDACT IT"...!

THIS IS ALL AVAILABLE ONLINE, opening a free account at:

And the logging in online at:
Search CIVIL Supreme Court BC:  George Frederick Thomson and/or case number: 152059

...PLEASE REQUEST MY "REPLY" TO THE DEFENSE REPLY of Civil Claim, BY "MAIL OR FAX", as it is too "private" for "COMMERCE" AND LEGALITY, TO BE READILY AND EASILY AVAILABLE ONLINE TO "WHOM IT MAY BE"...! It's content is not wanted to be easily accessible outside of the PROVINCE of B.C. As I am sure they do not fax "long distance" nor mail "long distance"...!