Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Prince G. Alexander Louis...! Baby boy with a huge name...!

The world’s most famous infant finally has a name: the little prince will be called George Alexander Louis, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Clarence House revealed on Wednesday.

There have been six kings with the name of George, but none named Alexander or Louis.

The announcement raises speculation that if he were to become king the new prince would choose the name George VII, but there is no guarantee that as monarch he would use his first name. His great-great-grandfather, George VI, was christened Albert Frederick Arthur George and used his fourth name when he came to the throne.


...Well I did not know that His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, is the most important infant of the World...!

As far as I know Barack Obama's girls: Malia Ann & Natasha, are the most important so far...! But lets say that they are not infants now or adults...! I perceive these Obama girls to be of great logic, which I hope time and life does not modify...!

...Now William and G. Alexander Louis, I expect you to live up better, to better logic than the UK has so far...! You both have big names to live up to...!

...There are no reasons for life bad conditions and poordom to exist anymore...!


[-] When `will...' the baby boy have his first "haircut"...?
[-] When `will...' we see his first toothie's...?
[-] When `will...' we see him walking around in a walker...?
[-] When `will...' we see his first steps...?
[-] And tra la, lahhh, laaaa, lahhhh, lala...!