Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Edge: The Shape of the Universe. (Part 1: Flat Models)

Zogg From Betelgeuse Explains Why the Universe Has No Edge

by Fraser Cain on July 28, 2013

IS THE EARTH FLAT...? Yes as the old belief, BUT WITH NO EDGE...! Making it a SPHERE, or GEOID...!


Trying to explain the topology of the Universe is really complicated… for humans. But it clearly comes naturally to Zogg the Alien from Betelgeuse. In this 10-minute video, the plucky alien vividly describes how we could have a Universe which is flat and finite, but doesn’t have an edge. How we could travel in one direction and return to our starting point, never bumping into the outside of the Universe.


...I agree that these so called flat models of a finite Universe make more sense than the Big Bang Theory and an Expanding Universe into nothing or bending in onto itself, etc....!