Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...some cartoons for today...!

Wizards of "ID"...!


Broom Hilda...!


COMICS for today...!

State of affairs in the World!
Obama off to Africa with an Aircraft Carrier near by!
I do not know what the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is up to!
And something "Rud" has gotten back into political leadership in Australia!
The Queen Her Majesty Elizabeth II or some of the royalty, might be
going to see the famed tennis games of Wimbledon!
And Iran has a more moderate cleric as President!

How comical are you...? Or how serious...?
Are you downplaying sometimes and overplaying others...?
IT IS AS SERIOUS AS THE 'MEAGER' reasons and "draconian rules" are and applied in Canada...!