Thursday, June 27, 2013

...To QUEEN Elizabeth II on her financial reports...!

Queen to get a 5% pay rise: Monarch's income to hit almost £38 million next year after Crown Estate profits soar

    Sovereign Grant to rise from £36.1million to £37.9million in 2014
    New rules mean Queen's income is linked to profits of Crown Estate
    Buckingham Palace publishes accounts for 2012 Jubilee year
By Matt Chorley, Mailonline Political Editor
PUBLISHED: 08:10 GMT, 27 June 2013 | UPDATED: 14:03 GMT, 27 June 2013
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The Queen is to receive a five per cent pay rise in income next year, it emerged today.

It will take the monarch's income to almost £38million, the second year running that funding from the taxpayer has gone up.

The extra money comes after the Crown Estate posted record profits, of which the Queen gets a share.

Under a new funding deal agreed by George Osborne in 2010, the Queen's income is directly linked to the money the Crown Estate makes each year.

The Civil List and grants for travel, PR and maintenance on royal palaces were replaced with a new single payment.

The Crown Estate, which owns and runs land and property on behalf of the monarch, saw profits rise from £240million to £252.6million in 2012-13.

Under the new rules the Queen receives 15 per cent of the gains, securing a Sovereign Grant of £37.9million in April 2014, up from £36.1million this year.

Asked whether the Prime Minister supported the increase to the Sovereign Grant, a No 10 spokesman said: ‘There is a process that is gone through. I don’t think the Prime Minister disagrees with that process.’

The revelation comes as the Queen's latest financial accounts were published.



...i have no problem in the Queen or else making £37million/year...! BUT I COULD DO MUCH MORE FOR A COUNTRY WITH THAT POWER AND MONEY...!


SOMEDAY BEFORE her demise by "old age", she might want to recognise the most advanced logic and literary publishing ever done, by one of her citizens of Canada, with my Book: THE BOOK OF PURE LOGIC...!
This would not mean her sacrificing the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, which has had a Historic value and can still have it...!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...some cartoons for today...!

Wizards of "ID"...!


Broom Hilda...!


COMICS for today...!

State of affairs in the World!
Obama off to Africa with an Aircraft Carrier near by!
I do not know what the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is up to!
And something "Rud" has gotten back into political leadership in Australia!
The Queen Her Majesty Elizabeth II or some of the royalty, might be
going to see the famed tennis games of Wimbledon!
And Iran has a more moderate cleric as President!

How comical are you...? Or how serious...?
Are you downplaying sometimes and overplaying others...?
IT IS AS SERIOUS AS THE 'MEAGER' reasons and "draconian rules" are and applied in Canada...!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...Obama's speech on CO2: trying to be politically scientifically environmentally friendly...!

Lomborg: Obama should confront climate change fantasies

Bjorn Lomborg 7:34 p.m. EDT June 25, 2013


President Obama's new climate policies outlined Tuesday include both brilliant and useless ideas. The confusion stems from Obama's unwillingness to confront three climate fantasies:

    •    Renewables are a major part of the solution today. No, they are almost trivial. Today, the world gets 81% of its energy from fossil fuels – by 2035, in the most green scenario, we will still get 79% from fossil fuels. Wind and solar will increase from 0.8% to 3.2% -- impressive, but not what is going to matter.
    •    Biofuels should play a major part of the solution. No. For now, biofuels simply diverts food into cars, driving up food prices and starvation, while clearing forests for new fields emit more CO2 than biofuels save.
    •    Efficiency can cut emissions. No. While efficiency is good, studies show it has little climate impact, because its savings gets eaten up by more use. As your car gets more efficient, you drive it further, and the money you still save get used for other carbon-emitting activities.

But carefully implemented, Obama's plan also shows the way to the three climate truths...



...Obama's speech on CO2: trying to be politically scientifically environmentally friendly...!

...Obama did express the dangers for the future of our children and children's children, and future generations...!

…i think that by 2035 it will be clear where this World is heading for…!

I WISH AND HOPE TO BE THERE to be a witness of clearly declared prophecies and my countdown or countup started since 2013…!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

...Enbridge Oil pipeline in trouble again...!


June 23, 2013, 11:58 a.m. ET

Enbridge Shuts Canadian Pipeline After Oil Spill


Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge Inc. ENB.T +0.21% said it had shut down and isolated a pipeline north of Cheecham, Alberta, after detecting a spill of some 750 barrels of light, synthetic crude oil.

The company said oil had been discovered on the ground at the site, about 42 miles southeast of Fort McMurray, and field personnel had been mobilized.

The company said it was still investigating the cause of the leak but said that it believed unusually heavy rain "may have resulted in ground movement" that impacted the pipeline. Enbridge said it had shut down all other Enbridge pipelines in the area.

Alberta has been swamped by some of the heaviest rain and floodwaters in years. The flooding has shut down large swaths of Calgary, Alberta's financial hub, displacing tens of thousands of residents.

The region around Cheecham is a major center of oil-sands production, and it wasn't immediately clear what volumes of oil have been affected by the various Enbridge pipelines shutdowns. A spokesman for Enbridge said it wasn't disclosing how much oil has been affected by the shutdowns and likely wouldn't until it had "a material effect on deliveries, if that occurs."

Enbridge said it had sent first responders, who had installed oil-cleanup booms. The spill, first detected early Sunday, had been contained at the site "and the local water bodies." The company said there have been no reports of harm to wildlife.

Enbridge said the affected line, Line 37, was constructed in 2006 and is a 12-inch-diameter pipeline that is a little more than 10 miles long, connecting facilities in the Long Lake area to Cheecham.

The spilled oil is a light, low-sulphur blend that several oil-sands producers make synthetically by processing the heavy bitumen crude that they extract from the area's oil-sands deposits.

The spill is the latest in a string of significant crude spills in Canada, and it comes at a time when the industry is on the defensive over its safety record as North American crude production soars. Amid the boom, pipeline companies have been proposing new lines and projects that would repurpose or reverse the flow of existing oil and natural-gas lines.

The spate of Canadian spills also comes as the U.S. weighs approval of TransCanada Corp.'s TRP.T -0.97% Keystone XL pipeline expansion, which envisions carrying large volumes of heavy oil-sands crude from Alberta to the Gulf Coast. Many environmental groups have opposed the line because of worry over oil spills.

Enbridge is also facing mounting environmental opposition in Canada for its Northern Gateway project—a plan to build a pipeline from Alberta, across the Rocky Mountains, to the British Columbia coast.

Pipeline companies, including Enbridge and TransCanada, and industry lobby groups have defended their safety record. Still, both the industry and Alberta have responded to the recent spate of spills, promising new safety guidelines and provincial scrutiny. The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association earlier this month released new guidelines for bolstering pipeline safety.

Earlier this month, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP KMP -1.03% reported a small leak on its Trans Mountain pipeline, which ships crude from Alberta through British Columbia. The same week, Apache Corp. APA +0.13% disclosed a spill in northern Alberta that released 2.5 million gallons of contaminated water, affecting an area of about 104 acres.

And last Sunday, a Canadian unit of U.S.-owned pipeline company Plains All American Pipeline LP PAA -2.56% shut down a pipeline after a spill of approximately 950 barrels of oil in northwestern Alberta, affected an area of roughly 3.5 acres about 55 miles north of Manning, Alberta.


...someday it will be fully proven that Crude Oil, Coal, Natural Gas usage, was all wrong...!

Well it has to be the guiding logic...!

...a Saturday "airshow" gone bad...!

A SATURDAY in Airshows gone bad...!
Dan Sewell And Ashley Thomas, Associated Press | 13/06/22 | Last Updated: 13/06/22 5:50 PM ET
More from Associated Press

CINCINNATI, Ohio — A plane carrying a wing walker crashed at an airshow and exploded into flames Saturday, killing the pilot and stunt walker instantly, authorities said.

The crash of the 450 HP Stearman happened at around 12:45 p.m. at the Vectren Air Show at Dayton International Airport. No spectators were hurt.

A video posted on WHIO-TV shows the plane turn upside-down as the performer sits on top of the wing. The plane then tilts and crashes to the ground, erupting into flames as spectators screamed.

Ian Hoyt, an aviation photographer and licensed pilot from Findlay, was at the show with his girlfriend. He told The Associated Press he was taking photos as the plane passed by and had just raised his camera to take another shot.

“Then I realized they were too low and too slow. And before I knew it, they hit the ground,” he said.

He couldn’t tell exactly what happened, but it appeared that the plane stalled and didn’t have enough air speed, he said.


...a big City flooded dirty Sunday...! Calgary downtown out...!

Downtown Calgary could be without power for months: official

CALGARY, Alta. — The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jun. 23 2013, 9:59 AM EDT
Last updated Sunday, Jun. 23 2013, 10:54 AM EDT

More zones within Calgary were deemed safe for evacuees to return Sunday morning, but Bruce Burrell, director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, says downtown power restoration could take days, weeks or even months.

ENMAX is to release more information on substation 5, which services some of downtown, Sunday afternoon. Some downtown buildings have their own power supplies, but flooding and a mandatory evacuation order is keeping employees and residents out of the zone.


...building in areas close to Rivers or too low, are hazard prone areas to flooding...! IT IS A MATTER OF TIME especially in a Global Warming World...!

Friday, June 21, 2013 blog: ...anagrammatt - another one from Eden...!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

...anagrammatt - another one from Eden...!

...white nudity and fruit ripening and decay or mortality...!!!

...THE WORST TREE OFFERED by the "serpent", that did not offer the TREE OF LIFE...!

..."CHRIST"..., and why did Eve or Adam, want or understand "mortality or immortality"...??? !!!

... A OBVIOUS COVER UP IN THE STORY OF EDEN...!!! The Book writers of Genesis did not know either if humans are or could be immortal...!!!

...YOU CANNOT OFFER THE TREE of Life, if you cannot give it, or you do not really know about immortality to live for ever...! SO YOU OFFER, the tree OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, which is what innocence is or is not as children, and later more acquired as adults ...!

THE "STORY" OF BIBLE GENESIS IS SAYING SO MANY THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE, as most do not use or know much in Word and Paragraph language/literature logic meanings and studies...!

[**] More from EDEN:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...Global warming emissions need to be stopped now,,,!


CONTINUED USAGE OF BURNING ENERGY SOURCES and CO2 production, when it has to be nearly stopped now...!


Future CO2
Stabilizing Climate requires Near-Zero Emissions

Reposted from ScienceDaily (Feb. 18, 2008)   Now that scientists have reached a consensus that carbon dioxide emissions from human activities are the major cause of global warming, the next question is: How can we stop it? Can we just cut back on carbon, or do we need to go cold turkey? According to a new study by scientists at the Carnegie Institution, halfway measures won’t do the job. To stabilize our planet’s climate, we need to find ways to kick the carbon habit altogether.
In the study, to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, climate scientists Ken Caldeira and Damon Matthews used an Earth system model at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology to simulate the response of the Earth’s climate to different levels of carbon dioxide emission over the next 500 years. The model, a sophisticated computer program developed at the University of Victoria, Canada, takes into account the flow of heat between the atmosphere and oceans, as well as other factors such as the uptake of carbon dioxide by land vegetation, in its calculations.



<!--Start CO2 widget by Pro Oxygen v010.02.kee450-->
<a href=""> <img width="450" height="375" border="0" title="Current data and trend for atmospheric CO2" alt="Atmospheric CO2 data and trend" src="" /></a>
<!--End CO2 widget-->



...i am convinced that World governments are suicidal...!

...CO2 needs to be stopped now and fast...!

Scandal-plagued House of Commons adjourns early for summer

Scandal-plagued House of Commons adjourns early for summer


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to return from his European trip but he won’t have to endure another grilling in the House of Commons for a while.
All parties agreed late Tuesday night to end the most bitter spring sitting of Parliament since Harper’s Conservatives came to power more than seven years ago.
They packed it in a few days early after almost a month of late-night sittings, as the House of Commons calendar had MPs remaining at work in Ottawa through the end of this week. Proceedings had devolved into acrimonious mudslinging.



...politics takes it's toll...!

...i still think Canada is better off with the Conservatives in power...!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

...anagrammatt - another one from Eden...!

...white nudity and fruit ripening and decay or mortality...!!!

...THE WORST TREE OFFERED by the "serpent", that did not offer the TREE OF LIFE...!

..."CHRIST"..., and why did Eve or Adam, want or understand "mortality or immortality"...??? !!!

... A OBVIOUS COVER UP IN THE STORY OF EDEN...!!! The Book writers of Genesis did not know either if humans are or could be immortal...!!!

...YOU CANNOT OFFER THE TREE of Life, if you cannot give it, or you do not really know about immortality to live for ever...! SO YOU OFFER, the tree OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, which is what innocence is or is not as children, and later more acquired as adults ...!

THE "STORY" OF BIBLE GENESIS IS SAYING SO MANY THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE, as most do not use or know much in Word and Paragraph language/literature logic meanings and studies...!

[**] More from EDEN:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Order pf Peace - Peace Bond , etc...! The only legal procedure before a Court Order of further control over a person...! CONTRARY TO DIRECT CONTROL to mental health detentions, inquisitions_torture by Canada Police...!

Order of Peace -  Peace Bond - Restraining Order - Protection Order,_order,_and_good_government


Peace Bonds & Restraining Orders


Peace Bonds and restraining orders are protection orders that a judge makes in court to help protect one person from another. Although both are based on an individual’s fears or concerns about harm or harassment, people often confuse them. Understanding the difference may help you decide which order is most appropriate for you.

The purpose of the pamphlet is to explain the criteria for getting a peace bond or a restraining order, the difference between them, how you can apply for one, the conditions the court may impose on the other person to protect you, and the consequences of disobeying the order. If somebody has assaulted you or you are in immediate danger of being harmed by another person, you should contact the RCMP or your local police. Peace bonds and restraining orders are not a substitute for a charge. They are intended to prevent assault and harassment. It is important to remember, that this pamphlet does not contain a complete statement of the law in the area. Changes in the law may occur. Anyone needing specific advice on his or her own legal position should consult a lawyer.

Peace Bonds

What is a peace bond?

A peace bond is a protection order under the Criminal Code of Canada. The formal legal name is an “810 recognizance”. You can get a peace bond if you are afraid that another person will harm you, your partner (spouse or your common-law), your child, or damage your property. The other person could be anyone - a neighbour, an acquaintance or a family member. The peace bond is an order from the court, or an agreement that a person makes with the court, “to keep the peace and be of good behaviour”. That person is called the “defendant.” You can also ask that the peace bond set out other specific conditions.

What conditions can be in a peace bond?

To give a few examples, the defendant may agree or the court can order the defendant to:

    not visit you at home or at work;
    not call you on the phone;
    not write you letters or send you messages;
    not contact children, parents or other family members;
    not drive by your house;
    be prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.

It is a crime to break any of the conditions of the peace bond.

How do I get a peace bond?

Go to the nearest police or RCMP station. Tell the police why you want a peace bond. You must have a good reason to believe that you or your children might be harmed, or your property damaged. The police will ask you to give a statement in writing. Be as specific as possible about your fear. State what the other person is doing that frightens you and why. Be sure to mention any conditions that would make you feel safer.

Do I need a lawyer to get a peace bond?

No, you do not need a lawyer. A Crown prosecutor will receive your statement from the police. If it shows that you have reason to be afraid, the police will go before a Provincial Court judge to “swear an information”. Afterwards, the police will serve a summons or a promise to appear on the defendant. These documents will require the defendant to appear in Court on a specific date.

What happens next?

When the defendant goes to Court he or she can agree to sign the peace bond voluntarily. You will not have to be there. Court officials will notify you that the peace bond has been issued.

What if the defendant will not agree to sign the peace bond?

If the defendant will not agree to be bound by a peace bond, the judge must hold a hearing to decide whether to make an order for the peace bond. The Court will summons both you and the defendant to give evidence at the hearing.

What will happen at the court hearing?

The Crown prosecutor will ask you to take the stand. He or she will ask you questions about your fear for your safety under oath. The defendant will also have a chance to give evidence under oath. The defendant will explain why he or she does not agree with your reasons for feeling fearful. If the judge thinks you have a good reason to be afraid, she or he will issue the peace bond against the defendant. The judge will decide right away after listening to both sides. If the defendant does not show up, the judge can issue a warrant for his or her arrest. If the defendant refuses to sign the peace bond after it is ordered by a judge, he or she can go to jail for up to 12 months.

How long does it take to get a peace bond?

It can take a few months from when you first go to the police, until the peace bond is in place. The length of time depends on whether the defendant agrees to sign the peace bond or whether there will be Hearing. How soon the hearing happens depends on the court schedule in your area. The hearing for the peace bond usually happens anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks after you contact the police. If you have concerns about your safety while you are waiting for a peace bond be sure to have a safety plan in place. (See the pamphlet Leaving Abuse: Tips for Your Safety)

How much does it cost to get a peace bond?

Nothing. Peace bonds are free.

How long will the peace bond last?

The peace bond can last for up to one year. To get another peace bond after that year, you must have new evidence of your fear that the defendant will harm you, another family member or damage your property.

What is a “dual peace bond”?

Sometimes both parties claim that the other person is the aggressor, the one who should be keeping the peace. Although this is not common, the Courts will sometimes issue “dual” peace bonds, so that both of the parties are required to keep the peace and be of good behaviour to one another.

Do I get a copy of the peace bond?

You will not get one automatically. You must ask the court for a copy. It is a good idea to get a copy and carry it with you at all times. Give a copy to your local police or RCMP. If one of the conditions of the peace bond is the defendant not contact the children, be sure to give officials at the school or daycare a copy.

What if I move or leave the province?

Generally, the police can enforce peace bonds anywhere across New Brunswick and the rest of Canada. However, if you move or leave the province, you should carefully review the conditions of your peace bond. For example, the peace bond may restrict the defendant from coming within a certain distance of your home at a specific address. If you move to a new address, you may not have continued protection. If you are uncertain whether your peace bond will apply in your new location, consult your local police or the RCMP. The police and RCMP can only enforce the terms of a peace bond as written. If necessary, you may have to ask for a modification of the peace bond, which could involve another hearing.

Will the peace bond ensure my safety?

Peace bonds are not the perfect solution to ensuring safety. The thought of having a criminal record may deter many defendants. However, the defendant may decide not to obey it or to try to harm you while you are waiting for the peace bond. Because peace bonds are court orders, they do make it easier for police to make an arrest if the defendant breaks a condition of the peace bond. While not a guarantee of safety, having a safety plan or strategy for staying safe can help to increase your safety. (See the pamphlet Leaving Abuse: Tips for You Safety).

What should I do if the defendant breaks the conditions of the peace bond?

Call the police immediately. The police should lay charges because breaking a peace bond is a crime. The police can only enforce a peace bond if you let them know the defendant broke the conditions.

Will the defendant have a criminal record if I get the peace bond?

No, a peace bond is not a criminal charge. If the person named in the peace bond obeys all the conditions of the peace bond during its term, it will simply expire and nothing more will happen. But if the defendant breaks any condition of the peace bond, the police can charge him or her with a crime. If the court convicts a person of breaking the peace bond, he or she would have a criminal record. The person may get a fine, a jail term, or both.

Peace Bonds and Family Violence – Some Common Questions

Can I get a peace bond against my spouse or common-law partner?

Yes. You can apply for a peace bond for protection from anyone, including your spouse, common-law partner, ex-partner or boyfriend/girlfriend.

What if I’m too frightened to ask for a peace bond against my partner?

If the police are aware of your fear and have concerns for your safety, they may apply for a peace bond on your behalf.

Can we keep on living together if I apply for a peace bond?

The judge may not issue a peace bond if a couple is still living together. If you continue to live with your spouse or common-law partner, it may be hard to prove that you fear for your safety.

If I get a peace bond against my ex-partner, can I stop him or her from seeing the children?

You may ask that one of the conditions of the peace bond be that the defendant not have contact the children. However, if you and the defendant have an existing custody order, a peace bond cannot restrict his or her right to see the children. Mention your custody order to the Crown prosecutor and discuss the possibility of obtaining a restraining order.

Child custody is a family law matter, so if you wish to change your custody order to prevent the other parent from seeing the children, you should seek legal advice. If you are a victim of domestic violence, the Domestic Legal Aid program may be able to help you.

Can I see the defendant after I get the peace bond?

If no contact is a condition of the peace bond, you should not contact the defendant. It is an offence for the defendant to see you. If you must talk to him or her, first ask the Crown prosecutor or the police to change the conditions of the peace bond. You should carefully weigh getting the conditions of the peace bond changed – remember, it was put in place to protect you.


Restraining Orders

What is a restraining order?

A restraining order is a protection order under the New Brunswick Family Services Act. It is a civil law order that is made in the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench. Although peace bonds, which are criminal law orders, may apply to anybody that you are afraid of, restraining orders must have a family connection. You can get a restraining, for example, as part of a custody order to stop the other person from interfering with you when he or she is exercising custody or visitation rights with the children.

Do I have to fear the other person to get a restraining order?

Not necessarily. You do not need to show fear of harm to get a restraining order. Although you may request one because you are fearful after separating from a spouse, you can also use a restraining order to stop the other person from continuously annoying you, for example, by calling you repeatedly.

Do I need a lawyer to get a restraining order?

To get a restraining order you will need to make an application to the court (civil court). You do not need a lawyer to make the application, but it is recommended. If you are a victim of domestic violence, or if you are making or changing an application for support, you may be eligible for legal assistance under the domestic legal aid program.

What should I do if the person breaks a condition of the restraining order?

The general procedure when somebody disobeys a condition of a restraining order is to go back to court and ask the court to find the person in contempt. This is a civil order. A person who is found in contempt by the Court may be fined and in some cases sent to jail. Unlike peace bonds which are under the Criminal Code, the police generally do not have the authority to enforce restraining orders. However, the police will deal with any behaviour that is of a criminal nature, such as threats to harm you or assaults. You may need to consider a peace bond.

Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to provide New Brunswickers with information about the law. PLEIS-NB receives funding and in-kind support from the federal Department of Justice, the New Brunswick Law Foundation and the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs.

We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Public Prosecutions Branch, Office of the Attorney General of New Brunswick and the Victim/Witness Service of the Fredericton Municipal Police Force. Project funding for revisions to this pamphlet were provided by Justice Canada.


...the procedure of peace bonds is of a modern English Country, and not as currently ignorantly, done in Canada, with obliged direct detentions to 3 weeks to Mental Health inquisitions/torture...!

...these steps cannot be obviated and then could lead to mental health NON-TORTURE detentions, but never to TORTURE detentions...! 
. of steel in a new Movie edition...! heroes are not a real thing in Canada...!

Why Vancouver was passed over to play Metropolis in Man of Steel

By Jessica Barrett, Vancouver Sun June 15, 2013


TO THE "PERFECT CANADIAN FATHER" THAT I THINK ARE a pack of "spastic" pussies...!


Anyone who’s lived in or even just visited Vancouver is used to that vague — or not-so-vague — sense of déjà vu when the latest summer blockbuster rolls around featuring telling shots of the city.

From Tron to the X-Men franchise to Mission Impossible, Vancouver has been the stand-in for many imaginary and existing metropolises.

Whether it’s the Lions Gate Bridge collapsing in Final Destination 5 or the Sheraton Wall Centre launching winged mutants in X-Men, Vancouver is often front and centre on the big screen.

So what gives that when it came to casting the real Metropolis in the new Superman offering, Man of Steel, we failed to make the cut?

Should we be offended? Perhaps even doubly so by the fact most of the movie was shot in studios in Metro Vancouver?

Burnaby’s Mammoth Studios was transformed into Superman’s home planet of Krypton and myriad extraterrestrial aircraft.


...Vancouver, B.C. Canada, is used big time for Movie Studios Casts...!
...This time metropolis Vancouver scenes was obviated...!


I fail to love Canada and/or Vancouver, because of issues behind the scenes...!

I fail to love Canada, because they do not believe in all the Heroes, and do not have one that I may know of, which I loved and love since I was a Cartoon reading kid...!

I fail to love Canada, because they do not believe in the military power of U.S.A., and think diplomacy is more powerful...!

CANADA COULD VERY WELL prefer to have HAVE these heroes: "Jesus", "Buddha", "The three armed East Indian God", "Allah" or at the best, "SANTA 'CLAUS'..." and his "flying" rain-deers and sleigh...! Which I do not share much with or about...!

AS TO COPYRIGHT AND CREATIVITY, Americanos really legally do not understand nor know much about...! 
WHO FLEW FIRST ? A bird or Superman or Santa Claus or Jesus or the Celestial beings...???



Saturday, June 15, 2013 uncabled 3G balloon internet, and...!


GOOGLE internet via ballons!

You are fabulous...!

[[[“...Google tests balloons to beam internet from near space
By Leo Kelion Technology reporter, BBC News

Google is launching balloons into near space to provide internet access to buildings below on the ground.
About 30 of the superpressure balloons are being launched from New Zealand from where they will drift around the world on a controlled path.
Attached equipment will offer 3G-like speeds to 50 testers in the country.
Access will be intermittent, but in time the firm hopes to build a big enough fleet to offer reliable links to people living in remote areas.
It says that balloons could one day be diverted to disaster-hit areas to aid rescue efforts in situations where ground communication equipment has been damaged.
But one expert warns that trying to simultaneously navigate thousands of the high-altitude balloons around the globe's wind patterns will prove a difficult task to get right.  ...]]]”

...I think longer floating balloons would be effective,,,! A landing site on land and not on a mountain or tress, or other, could be a problem,,,! Fixed to land by a cable and bigger radius of coverage is great, but a flying hazard...!