Saturday, May 4, 2013

...Progress to better things is sometimes "not understood, the why"...? anagrammat sat04-sun05-may2013...!

Adam, and if we start to dress ourselves? [I am not liking much at all, this of progress]

What is being asked also is? Do you know what a "woman" or man is? Or sex? It was merely a name!

Progress to better things is sometimes "not understood the why"...?
It is so much easier to not force your mind to changes! Mostly groups of power hate changes...!
Especially if changes go against the ignorance of their "subjects"...!

Quite an exquisite caricature!


...No real logic sense to create/make one man and one woman!
Who makes two makes more! It is a matter of reason, as similar
to how many animals this God of the Bible claims he made!?

...did you have to learn to swim? and did somebody have to teach you?

...An equal evolution story, from the water to land only!

Cheers, I am pure logic...!