Friday, May 10, 2013

...full moon this 23rd...! shall we see it in Vancouver B.C.?

Full Moon for the 23rd! In Libra!



For the Full Moon of that night
and day!

One pound/libra shall be worth
1/500 pennies or 100thousand'th 

pesos[1/100,000], 1 million'th
[1/1million] rupe or 1billion'th
[1/1billion] denary!

And one pound-libra of wheat
shall be worth 1 million!

Water shall be scarce and the
rain shall wanton!

Those that give milk shall want
to give more, and the cattle of
the Earth shall be worth their
weight in gold!

Medicines shall be made the
only thing to fight for!

Electric cars and copper wire
will run the World!

The World of those days may
not be complete anymore!