Saturday, May 4, 2013

...a sabbath[take a bath] for a "shit jew-hebrew" and an inquisitional Vancouver bc and a "Country" Canada...!

 A SABATH FOR a "secular" Jew and Vancouver, R.C.M.P Police, Gangs, "Doves", and you name it...!

...a sabbath[take a bath] for a "shit jew-hebrew" and an inquisitional Vancouver bc and a "Country" Canada...!


Steven Simonyi-Gindele
PICS SmartCard Inc.
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As the CEO of PICS SmartCard Inc. and, Steven Simonyi-Gindele oversees the management of a growing service company that is dedicated to providing identification, authentication and convergence solutions. PICS with its partners, has played a leading role in the design and implementation of large-scale, high security identification programs for APEC and several Olympic events, as well as issuing passports, national ID cards, driver's licenses, vehicle registration certificates and product authentication labels in many countries. The company is also recognized as a system integration expert in the fields of electronic identification, biometrics, custom software development and system design. The convergence of traditional and logical (IT) security has created a demand for Situation Management software for security control rooms. The company is an integrator of this complex middleware that ties disparate legacy security and monitoring systems into a common operational interface.

PICS's online division, ID Superstore, combines the convenience of an easy-to-understand ordering system with full personal service to offer a wide range of security products. These include the sale of ID card printers and printer accessories, ID card software, data collection, ID accessories and much more. Thanks to a successful track record of customer service, is now the leading online retailer of ID card and other plastic card issuance and customization products.

Previous to owning PICS, Steven was involved in factoring finance and investment banking. He was a key director in the early development of Glamis Gold, which got its start as a Vancouver-based exploration company and eventually graduated onto the New York Stock Exchange with several operating gold mines in the Americas. Prior to joining Glamis Gold, Steven spent two years wildcatting deep gas wells in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma. Having no background in geology or the petroleum industry, Steven arrived in Oklahoma in 1981 and within three months figured out how oil deals were structured and where money is made. Steven's unique approach involved cutting out the middlemen and participating directly in deals with major operators by buying small leases in hot areas and participating as a full partner, putting up his money and “going down the hole,” rather then leasing the rights to the operator, as most leaseholders do. Owning the lease and being on title allowed Steven to take part as a full partner without dilution. Steven’s nose for spotting hot locations and the best operators and elbowing his way into closed groups allowed him to participate in deep wells up to 24,000 feet, 14 of which were successful and provided Steven with a clear cash flow of $80,000 per month. One of the most famous wells was the Tom Cat, which produced 20 million cubic feet per day. After his time in Oklahoma, Steven went on to organize and finance Gold exploration programs in the Ivory Coast and French Guyana in the mid 1980s. Major discoveries were also made in these locations.

Not only does Steven enjoy a successful professional life, his personal life is also fulfilling. Steven has been happily married to his wife, Ruth, since 1975. The couple has two grown sons. Samuel has worked as a missionary doctor in Zambia for four years and is currently an M.D. in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Caleb has joined Steven at PICS SmartCard. He serves as VP of IT and eCommerce. Steven and Ruth enjoy watching the growth of their eight grandchildren. The couple shares a lovely home in Burnaby, British Columbia ( but also finds time to enjoy vacation homes in New Zealand and Lake Tahoe. During their escapes, Steven enjoys skiing, parasailing and working out. Steven and Ruth are also active members of their local Evangelical church, where they participate in community outreach programs. They have opened their home to several recovering alcoholics. Stev


...clients, clients of "Steven": R.C.M.P, Gangs-Bikers, Mexico, etc... Air Canada, and Vancouver B.C. Canada...!



Dear ones and dependents
and independents !, , Gorman Wood,
Steel Cascadia, etc...!

'Griffins', Alves, etc...
Melville, etc...
Cascadia, etc...
RiverRoad Vancouver,
Surrey, North Delta,
B.C. Canada
Ritchie, etc...!
Jew - Symonyi Guindele

ID Superstore
250 "H" Street #510
Blaine, WA, 98230
United States

Work: 1-800-667-1772
(6:00AM to 5:00PM Los
Angeles Time)
Fax: 1-800-550-8006 or

OF A "JEW"...!
Gospel Hall and
Missionaries and Properties,
etc...! Local Evangelico y
propiedades, etc...! Old
peoples homes, etc...!
Dr. Josue Medina -false court
witness! etc...!
Baptist Church,...!
WTA - tennis!
PGA - golf!
Air Canada...!

Canadians - Americans -
Australians - Venezuelans -
most all !

...the son of man came to give his life as a "ransom" for many!
Lately to be "sequestered" is an art in itself!
I have been "legally" sequestered in Canada a few times by...!

So here are some verses for them and you all...!
Ransom is generally a "bad" word...!

Matthew 20
28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
(Matthew 20:28 [ABP])
ώσπερ G5618 ο G3588 υιός G5207 του G3588 ανθρώπου G444 ουκ G3756 ήλθε G2064 διακονηθήναι G1247 αλλά G235 διακονήσαι G1247 και G2532 δούναι G1325 την G3588 ψυχήν αυτού G5590 G1473 λύτρον G3083 αντί G473 πολλών G4183
(Matthew 20:28 [HEBm])
כאשר בן האדם לא בא למען ישרתוהו כי אם לשרת ולתת את נפשו כפר תחת רבים׃

Mark 10
45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

1 Timothy 2
5 For there is one God and one intermediary between God and humanity, Christ Jesus, himself human,
6 who gave himself as a ransom for all, revealing God's purpose at his appointed time.

1Peter 1
18 You know that from your empty way of life inherited from your ancestors you were ransomed --- not by perishable things like silver or gold,
19 but by precious blood like that of an unblemished and spotless lamb, namely Christ.



George F. Thomson

p.s. We would not want any more "problems"
for anybody would we ? Or have the problems
gone up to(o) high in the animal chain/pyramid...?


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