Wednesday, April 10, 2013

...I did not know, as of recently, you can go to jail for a long time, for assault "beard cutting"...!

Certainly we live in a World of Draconian, or pre-emptive History regressive severe laws/rules!
Amish men get convicted by State of Ohio, USA, and not their own community, to 1 to 7 years jail time[not mental health torture=psychotropics] of hate crime and assault, for cutting forcefully of others beards...!

Baseball and a farewell picnic... before going to prison: Amish families relax at sports day as parents prepare to go to jail for beard-cutting

    Four women and one man will be incarcerated, leaving their children behind
    Convicted of hate-crime against rival Amish followers in campaign of attacks
    Sentences range from 1-7 years - hair is a symbol of manhood for Amish
    Children in the sect in Bergholz, Ohio, will be looked after by other parents

By Harriet Arkell

PUBLISHED: 09:05 GMT, 10 April 2013 | UPDATED: 12:59 GMT, 10 April 2013

Amish schoolchildren held their end-of-school celebration early yesterday so their parents could attend before they are jailed for beard-cutting.

Nine members of the Ohio Amish sect led by Samuel Mullet Sr are already in prison after being convicted of the hate crime against rival followers, and five more will join them this Friday.

Four women and one man will start jail terms of between one and seven years, leaving nearly three dozen children without one or both parents for the duration of their sentences.

They were convicted of cutting off the hair or beards of fellow Amish in a campaign of assaults said to have been orchestrated by the leader of the breakaway sect Mullet Sr.

The incidents are considered deeply offensive in Amish culture as the beard is considered a symbol of manhood and faith.

Usually the Amish settle disputes within their communities, but in this instance the police were involved because of the seriousness of the assaults, in which victims were said to have been pinned down, screaming, as their beards were hacked off by 'howling' aggressors.

...the first time I know of so much jail time, or for that matter, any time, for assault "beard cutting"...!
The normal thing would be "house arrest" with reprimand...!

But you know what?
This in pre-emptive!
These guys might not stop easily!
And next time it could lead to physical damage and even throat cutting and homicide...!

So a Draconian North America, goes Draconian, with real nutty severe punishments [but not torture of any kind...!]...!

WELL FOLKS THE DEATH PENALTY and/or Physical damage [and also in this World, via even the Health Sickness "depo."!], is as Draconian a you can get...!