Sunday, April 7, 2013

...Asad, how much more time do you have...? stop the destruction and human refugees suffering...!

U.N. Says It Is Running Out of Money to Assist Wave of Refugees From Syria
Full Article The New York Times
06 Apr 2013

GENEVA — The United Nations will soon have to start cutting off lifesaving aid to people fleeing the war in Syria because the exodus has far outstripped financial support from international donors, one agency at the center of the humanitarian relief effort warned on Friday. Multimedia Video Feature Watching Syria's War Aleppo Civilians...


....the theory of power, dictators, and governments...!: GENERALLY, YOU DO NOT CONCEDE POWER TO REVOLUTIONS! THAT WOULD OPEN THE DOOR FOR IT TO HAPPEN AT "HOME"...!

...but after so many dead and refugees! there has to be a way of stopping this from the Assad side...!

ASSAD, you think you may still not loose! But once the World powers get into the fray, you will come down sooner or later...!