Thursday, April 18, 2013

...anagrammatt: boston "bombings" and prayer service...!

Half Moon Thursday/Jueves 18 April 2013
The Boston Bombing(s)...! Prayer Service...!


...where there at least two bombers[obviously i thought this before they said 2]? 2 bombs at 100m separate!!!
[where do you look for a "guy"? AT THE SECOND BLAST...!] ; DIVERSION! Was it in duffel bags [probably] and are these guys on video/photos[could be]? Technically you would never know! You need more data!

[-] the one at the finish line goes off first, and then 10-12" the second one blasts FURTHER BACK!
[-] how could one bomber have risked dropping one first and then the other, and in which order?
[-] both bombs were effective and did not fail!

...more "cannis-cans" please! and more resume/continue, i mean resumé/curriculum-vitae...! nooo! resume//emuser...! what...? amuser...!
...and please stop these second hard stores, and dollar stores supplies...! the mourning service is done today in Boston, I give mine!