Sunday, March 10, 2013

...Religions and benign social presence...!

Anantanand Rambachan
Professor of Religion, Saint Olaf College, MN
A Theological Reflection on Shiva on the Occasion of Mahashivaratri

Posted: 03/09/2013 11:35 pm

On March 10, Hindus around the world will celebrate Shivaratri (The Night of Shiva). I share these theological reflections on the occasion of this sacred festival.

For centuries, Hindus have worshiped and described God through the name and form of Shiva. The name Shiva connotes kindness, benevolence and grace. Shiva is also commonly known as Shankara, meaning one who acts unceasingly for the good of all. The many names and forms of God available in the Hindu tradition are not just expressions of India's religious and cultural diversity. These also express profound insights about the nature of God and human existence that enrich our theological understanding. I want to suggest four ways in which the name and form of Shiva speak relevantly to us about divinity and the meaning of human life.

Religions and University Academic Studies.

One thing is a Religion and its activities!
Another thing is Political and Academic Studies Religion!

I could not or would not need to write against the Christian/Catholic Bible if it were not in Government or Academic University Theology Studies. With degrees in Divinity and Masters and PhD...!
Why because then they would be protected by their private activities! But even then I could write anything against them for being public!
You see "hate speech" and "blasphemy" definitions eliminate my right of "freedom of expression" and "freedom of expressing what i do not accept"! If you cannot express what you do not accept, you may as well go to China or Burma and be a human walking Zombie!

Hence Ancient Religions have to keep their activities open and accept criticism! The more they oppose freedoms the more they are in jeopardy! Religions have to work on their Social benignity, and have some reality teachings!

You oppose me, you prove your non-social benignity, and of being a humane place of any human being!

We of pure logic do not have where to go to our Cathedrals...!
And for Catholic/Protestant Cathedrals to be for ever these Dinosaurs of beliefs and thought, will keep humanity immersed in "THEIR ACCUSTOMED DARKNESS": the "Dark 20th and 21st Century of Logic"...!
They promote destruction of anything else, I do not promote their destruction, but rather some transformation...!
We can all be! As we of pure logic are anyway...!

We of pure logic, are most of us! And we want our presence and Cathedrals! We do not want any Government presence, unless others have it!

George F. Thomson

 Commented Mar 10, 2013 at 14:30:43 in Religion
“Freedom of speech is "religions analysis and criticism" which is opposed to "hate speech" and "the strange definition of blasphemy"...!”