Friday, March 15, 2013

...Eva Golinger fogets she lied about Ch'avez not so long ago...!

EVA GOLINGER of RT lies about Ch'avez openly with no doubt...!
Way before or during January2012 to 5March2013

A probable impossible signature by Ch'avez done hidden in CUBA and not publicly! Which is illegal!
Modern Jurisprudence down the drain...!

RT is all TV online and here are some archives...!
Go and find an archive of or other...!


...Eva Golinger lies, in favor of the Chavismo of Venezuela!
Objectivity is to not lie, but give true information, or simply opinions in general...! But not bluntly lies...! You do find out though some information with her...!
SIMPLY WHY GIVE AN OPINION OF SOMETHING WHEN you are not sure, and you do not say you are not sure...!