Friday, March 22, 2013

...ESA Planck mission, has new data...!: "The Universe is expanding slower, hence older...!"


Planck’s Cosmic Map Reveals Universe Older, Expanding More Slowly
by John Williams on March 21, 2013

 Like archaeologists sifting through the dust of ancient civilizations, scientists with the ESA Planck mission today showed a map of the oldest light in the Universe. The first cosmology results of the mission suggest our Universe is slightly older and expanding more slowly than previously thought.

Planck’s new estimate for the age of the Universe is 13.82 billion years.

“We are measuring the oldest light in the Universe, the cosmic microwave background,” says Paul Hertz, director of astrophysics with NASA. “It is the most sensitive and detailed map ever. It’s like going from standard television to a new high definition screen. The new details have become crystal clear.”

Overall, the cosmic background radiation, the afterglow of the Universe’s birth, is smooth and uniform. The map, however, provides a glimpse of the tiny temperature fluctuations that were imprinted on the sky when the Universe was just 370,000 years old. Scientists believe the map reveals a fossil, an imprint, of the state of the Universe just 10 nano-nano-nano-nano seconds after the Big Bang; just a tiny fraction of the time it took to read that sentence. The splotches in the Planck map represent the seeds from which the stars and galaxies formed.


... the magic evolutionary, accepted as possible self formation, of the universe and life...! THAT IS WHAT SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY IS TODAY! This is so in Science to be solely NATURALIST, to be contrary to superstitions because of wrong logic of ancient old Religions including the Bible...!

...IF and only IF, the Universe is Expanding slower, then it is older, since the first point of reference...! IF THE UNIVERSE HAS A AGE OF NON-EXPANSION of many million years, or "SHRINKING" then their MATHS of time is out of "ORBIT" and gone "whacky"...!