Friday, March 8, 2013

...Comet PANSTARRS...!


A Guide to Help You See Comet PANSTARRS at its Brightest
by Bob King on March 8, 2013

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This is the big week so many of us in the northern hemisphere have been waiting for. Comet C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS, which has put on a splendid show in the southern hemisphere, now finally comes to a sky near us northerners!

Sky watchers in Australia and southern South America report it looks like a fuzzy star a little brighter than those in the Big Dipper with a short stub of a tail  visible to the naked eye. The comet should brighten further as it wings its way sunward. Closest approach to the sun happens on March 10 at a distance of 28 million miles. That’s about 8 million miles closer than the orbit of Mercury.

Though very low in the western sky after sundown, the comet should be visible across much of the U.S., southern Canada and Europe beginning tonight March 8.
____________________________________ of my biggest mysteries in the Solar System, are Comets and their gravitational orbits and tails caused by heat of melting by the Sun...!

[-] WHY ? : Because it does not make sense! They are too particular, and singular! And have no reason of being!
[-] IN PURE LOGIC when something does not make sense as to the logic, but not necessarily as to is functioning, it engenders big areas of logic "gaps" and " abysses"...!
[-] Does this affect me, my level of intellect? NO and no! It amazes me! And makes me think more deeply of life and things! AND LEADS to A LOT OF THINGS of MY BOOK2...!