Thursday, March 7, 2013

...chavez is most certainly "dead" and is alleged to have left a huge fortune after 14 years!

Chavez is most certainly dead [cremated???]!
And there is no reason for it to not be his body!


    Una fortuna personal de 2.000 millones

El difunto caudillo socialista deja una herencia política y social muy compleja, pero una herencia personal muy saneada.

Jerry Brewer, director de la compañía de inteligencia económica Criminal Justice International Associates, con sede en Miami y Virginia del Norte, afirma desde hace tres años que la fortuna de Hugo Chavez Frias alcanza los 2.000 millones de dólares. El estudio de CJIA, compañía que tiene una sede en Caracas y en otras capitales iberoamericanas, fue recogido en un artículo publicado el 26 de julio de 2010.

Brewer recoge que Cuba ha recibido “aproximadamente unos 5.000 millones de dólares anualmente de Venezuela en petróleo, efectivo y servicios”. Asimismo señala que “se cree que varios grupos criminales bolivarianos, entroncados en el gobierno de Hugo Chavez”, habrían “esquilmado en torno a 100.000 millones del casi un billón de dólares de ingresos procedentes del petróleo de PDVSA, generados desde 1999”. El acrónimo PDVSA se refiere a la empresa Petróleos de Venezuela, que gestiona la explotación, producción y refino, así como su transporte y comercialización posterior, del petróleo de Venezuela.

En ese negocio económico y político, en el que Venezuela ha sostenido financieramente al régimen de Cuba, la familia de Hugo Chavez no habría quedado al margen. “La fortuna personal de los hermanos Castro, combinada, “se ha estimado que alcanza fácilmente los 2.000 millones de dólares”. Asimismo, “la familia Chavez Frias “ha amasado una fortuna similar desde la llegada de Chavez a la presidencia, en 1999”.

Brewer recoge la condena de cuatro miembros de los servicios de inteligencia de Cuba que fueron condenados en Florida en 1982 por tráfico de drogas. Otro ex miembro de los servicios de inteligencia cubanos declaró ante el Distrito Sur de Florida al año siguiente que “la implicación de Cuba en las operaciones de droga era una metódica campaña con varias caras, que buscaba socavar la posición internacional de los Estados Unidos”.

Google translation:

A personal fortune of 2,000 million

The late socialist leader leaves a legacy very complex political and social, but a very healthy personal heritage.

Jerry Brewer, director of economic intelligence company Criminal Justice International Associates, based in North Miami and Virginia, said three years ago that the fortunes of Hugo Chavez Frias at 2,000 million dollars. Studying CJIA, company that has an office in Caracas and in other Latin American capitals, was picked up in an article published on July 26, 2010.

Brewer picks that Cuba has received "approximately 5,000 million annually from Venezuela in oil, cash and services." It also notes that "it is believed that several criminal groups Bolivarian entroncados in the government of Hugo Chavez," would "fleeced around 100,000 million of almost a trillion dollars of oil revenues from PDVSA, produced since 1999." The acronym refers to PDVSA Petroleos de Venezuela, which manages the exploration, production and refining, transportation and marketing and later, oil from Venezuela.

In this political and economic business, in which Venezuela has financially supported the regime of Cuba, Hugo Chavez's family would not have been left out. "The personal fortune of the Castro brothers combined," it is estimated that easily reaches 2,000 million dollars. " Also, "Chavez Frias family" has amassed a fortune like since the arrival of Chavez to the presidency, in 1999. "

Brewer picks up the conviction of four members of the intelligence services of Cuba who were convicted in Florida in 1982 for drug trafficking. Another former member of the Cuban intelligence service told the Southern District of Florida the following year that "Cuba's involvement in drug operations was a methodical campaign with several faces, which sought to undermine the international position of the United States."


Kenneth Rijock's Financial Crime Blog

Analysis and Commentary by a former Money Launderer 

[[["...Friday, March 8, 2013

Hugo Chavez may be headed for an embalmer, and a mausoleum, but his legacy was literally billions of US Dollars in dirty money, placed all over the globe, putting those banks greedy enough to flagrantly disregard Source of Funds and Beneficial Ownership to accept it at risk. Where did all that money come from ?

(1) Narcotics profits, earned by military officers, businessmen who were members of the "Bolivarian Elite," cartel leaders, the FARC, and Hezbollah Venezuela.
(2) Clearly excessive profits, added onto "sweetheart" government contracts.
(3) Bribes and kickbacks earned by PEPs.
(4) Public funds ,stolen from government treasury accounts (including PdVSA) by corrupt officials. Venezuela appears to have passed Haiti, as the most corrupt country in the Western Hemisphere.
(5) Assets stolen from Venezuelans who opposed the Chavez regime, which were in turn appropriated by Chavez supporters, with the aid and assistance of senior government officials.

Where's all this flight capital now? Most of it went to the Republic of Panama, some is in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands; smaller sums in several offshore financial centres. A large portion made it into the United States, where it poses a potential threat to certain American financial institutions who have targeted international clients.


...WHAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING is Money that gives their power and greed at all cost!
...The family cared ilch if he died! They were not sick! The money has been enormous as to from where they came from!
...AND CHAVEZ and PSUV have thefted more money than the previous era or Governors of opposition!

...Money & Treasure buys thought, your freedoms, your honesty, logic for non-sense, Academic Studies of Non-sense Evolution, Religions of mostly non-sense, power and apparent Friends! For money they do most anything, and kill!

...BUT AS THE SAYING GOES! THERE IS ONLY A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU CAN REALLY USE AFTER A WHILE! Gaddafi, etc. had fortunes ! For nothing, not even his family!

...AND FOLKS, "NOBODY GOES TO THE FUNERAL OF A DEAD DOG", nor not as many to a funeral of Ex-Presidents of Venezuela ! CHAVEZ HAD A COUNTRY OF WEALTH AND A FORTUNE!

...For money or treasure, humans will do the ultimate! As they are doing with Crude Oil, Gold, Coal, Natural Gas, etc...!
...Simply because ultimately there is no evidence of having to be different and normal honest humans! Other than established Laws, that works for some!