Thursday, March 14, 2013

...50 Years of Kenny Rogers...! Songs with Eternal Glorious meanings! But not much of the Gospel ones!

...We don't need each other...! [Negative to positive question! Fantastic!]

Subject: For: Kenny Rogers some time!

Kenny Rogers,

At your time and age why mention to you this!

Sometimes, our creative musical minds run aground and dry!

I am one of your fans for sure!

I have one main CD of your favorite songs!

Like : "...And she believes in me...!" This has a very
powerful meaning in life and to us all!

Additionally beliefs are made more happy with truths!

Some of your latest songs lack that eternal hit status of a
real fantastic song!

Sometimes we just have to stay at basics when this occurs!
To repeat our fame songs as variations, makes the day!

Whatever, at your level, why waste my time to mention
to you all this?

Simply minds seem to contact with ideas, and that is
my intention!

George F. Thomson
Book of Pure Logic [Book 1]

Here goes right now, something like this:
[Good old Country Rock]

Belief & Love[To believe in somebody]

Belief is what we have to do,
To be what we are,
Unless we are not what
we seem to be...!

Chorus 1:
To believe in somebody,
is what made me believe...
in myself...!

Chorus 2:
To  believe in somebody,
Is when I lost the sense of
loneliness and fear...!

Belief is what makes us,
To be more than,
What this World...
has to give...!

Belief in myself was possible,
even after so many
It was Love...!

Belief made me strive,
for knowledge untold,
And made my World...
Brand new...!

Belief is not in fables,
of what has been told,
Belief is what has...
to be known...!


P.S.: I must add that the song "You decorated my life...!"
is out of this World in meaning and significance!

Christian Gospel Songs are mostly void of any real
true meaning, and are a sad sad story made holy!