Wednesday, February 20, 2013

...venezuela news and canada...! Canada Embassy Visas & Immigration gone to Mexico...!

Canada Visas&Immigration gone to the Aztecs and Mexico...!
USA will not attend Israel citizens in Venezuela...! Canada does...!


...I have no general problem with Jews! But to do what was done to them is example of a continuum that can lead for it to happen to the Jews again...! It also does seem that Jews, etc have a problem with me! Must be because of my Book and pure logic...!
...Palestinians may be what they are, but what does it take to let them be as a Country? Split up, some in Gaza, and other in the Western Bank that is controlled by Israel...??? And all these settlers and settlements...!

...So to not agree in what Jews and Zionists are, is not racism! Is the correct view of the matter...!

...For the Canadian Embassy to move Visas & Immigration to Mexico, means the situation there is dire, and the lineups too long...! If you do not have money and work, you are an inferior human to migrate anywhere anyway...!

...But somehow a more dangerous Country like Colombia has the complete Canadian Embassy...!