Friday, February 8, 2013

...long live women and! LONG LIVE FREEDOMS !

FEME.ORG - Just what that is ! JUSTICE to freedoms and adulthood in a apparently free World !
THEY "TASER" here...!

Please come to Vancouver Airport - YVR! Or the Metro or any RCMP outpost !

Sex to the gates!
Aug 2, 2013
FEMEN attacked sex Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Today on the opening day of the Brazilian Carnival at the peak of a multi-million dollar inflow of tourists in Rio de Janeiro Galeão International Airport sekstremists FEMEN expressed their protest. As usually in a provocative manner femen Activists offered themself to turists that just land and went out of the gates in the airport. Women were delivered to tourists like a meat the same way as sex bosses deliver sex slaves to the clients.
Every year during Carnival Brazil becomes a sexual paradise for sex tourists from all over the world, thousands of young, uneducated brazilian women puted under sex tourists with the full cooperation of the authorities. This horrific way of using women deny All the chances for brazil to come out of this crime agains humanity. FEMEN movement demonstrates a terrible tendency to transform poor women from Latin American countries in world sex fastfoods workers. FEMEN said that the sex industry of Brazil already took a course on "training" to the World Cup and prepare all women to work as a sex slaves.
Shame on the country, selling their own women! Brazil is not a brothel!


...i agree...! But when women can live better and with plenty of money ! How can you stop these "juke-boxes"...?

LONG LIVE FREEDOMS...! Please come to repression Canada...! Find out why...?