Sunday, February 17, 2013

... @ JUDAISM < > @ christianism, for sunday "half moon"...!

JESUS claims he stopped the "lapidation=stoning to death" of a WO_man "found" in adultery...!

Hi Jesse, [no son of David!],

First of all, the Christian Bible is a "Jewish" Religion, hence it has their "l-o-g-i-c"!

I always was "taught" to the love of Jesus, which was better than the "death penalty" Jehova of the "OLD"...!

Until I decided that the "PURGATORY" could not be true but was a Catholic invention! That this Jesus only gave this life to follow him, as the only way, to a "salvation", from a worse PENALTY DEATH, of eternal suffering in torment of HELL and the LAKE OF FIRE...! HENCE YOUR JESUS LOVE IS "POINTLESS"...!

Happy christian life as we that are not, are already doomed and do not have a normal place to live differently after life...!

CHEERS, Jesus lovers...!


Are Americans USA, non-sense ignorant ancient LOGIC with the "death penalty" ? WORSE than that, they are stupid about it...!