Saturday, January 5, 2013 amazing "jewel of logic" in a Chavez Venezuela...!

"Said - Says"  -  "Dicen - Dice" !

GERARDO BLYDE - a one of a time in his class and kind!
...and has not been "faded away" or impeded in being great in his greatness!

...even in Venezuela some top notch men in logic make it in life...!
I present to you the Eternal Gerardo Blyde!

The Mayor of Baruta, Caracas, Venezuela!

...simply whatever life style he may have, his work and logic surpasses and must preserve him as top in logic!

...imagine! Chavez did not destroy him!

...nobody is "perfect" or a "dime", and in pure logic we are not exclusives nor pro-complete moralism, but open and universalists [open faiths presence and guiders in leading logic]!