Thursday, January 31, 2013

...some people are "real bad sports as to astronomy", other are "superstitious" and others do not believe much about it at all...!

Aurora Borealis from Space Station - NASA

Transit of Venus before the Sun : June 2012 [ Venus seems to be really close to the Sun! ]

Big Dipper [ WestBank-West Kelowna, BC, Canada ]

SATURN - big

Aurora Borealis

...some people are "real bad sports as to astronomy", other are "superstitious" and others do not believe much about it at all...!


... there are some people that believe Saturn is a mere mirror effect or is in any telescope "put there"...!

...those that have seen the Aurora Borealis believe it...! I have not seen the Aurora, but I have seen Saturn, and a few Moons of Jupiter...! sure that anything beyond 1day in distance = 1/365light years away, is not exactly there where your eyes are seeing it...! IT WAS THERE WHATEVER DISTANCE IN TIME or A DAY AGO, A WEEK AGO, A YEAR AGO, ETC...!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...Asteroid (2012 DA14) ! I SAID [dias] 2012...!

In Two Weeks This 50-Meter Asteroid Will Buzz Our Planet
by Jason Major on January 30, 2013

Read more:;orb=1

On February 15 a chunk of rock about 50 meters wide will whiz by Earth at nearly 8 km/s, coming within 27,680 km of our planet’s surface — closer than many weather and communications satellites.

For those of you more comfortable with imperial units, that’s 165 feet wide traveling 17,800 mph coming within 17,200 miles. But regardless whether you prefer meters or miles, in astronomy that’s what’s called a close call.

Scientists stress that there’s no danger of an impact by this incoming asteroid, designated 2012-DA14, but it’s yet another reminder that in our neck of the Solar System we are definitely not alone.

...i swear, coincidences do happen...! LIKE HEIGHT OF SOME Weather and Communications Satellites...!

I MEAN A ASTEROID or Meteorite's HITTING THE EARTH, that is a given fact...!

WHEN WILL THERE BE THE NEXT BIG ONE...? So far there is not any in sight...!


...Knoppix Ram boot, nicely revamped...!

...Knoppix Ram boot, nicely revamped...!

...Knoppix 7.0.5 21/12/2012, is a beauty, but there are always buts...!

You cannot Media Flash player anything other than directly at youtube, etc...!

You better only boot to Ram of your computer...! AND THEN AFTER A FEW COMMON THINGS TO DO ON LINUX !
WHALAAA! YOU connect via cable to internet...!

Here is the ISO at one mirror site:


Monday, January 28, 2013

...Anagrammatt Video clips for 28 Jan 2013 (#1 to #4) !

Video Clip #1 [ Politicians ! ]

Video Clip #2 [ Dido ! ]

Video Clip #3 [ Oh, oh, "Mr. Cat" again ! And he wants to "rule" the World ! ]

Video Clip #4 [ Eeeek !, It is The Mole, nooo! the rat, nooo! the otter/"beaver"...! ]
More Anagrammatt Video Clips to come...! I had better do some more acting...!

I WRITE music and songs but I do not have a top notch voice...!

I IMITATE IN due time many a voice and sound, but I am not a walking encyclopedia...!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

...countdown to Super Bowl 2013...! [DOES Australian Rules Football use Helmets? Yep: Padded ones...!

National Football League [ American Football ]


...countdown to Super Bowl 2013...! [DOES Australian Rules Football use Helmets? Yep: Padded ones...!

...the only thing i do not understand about American Football, is the why of wearing a "sledge-hammer" 'metal helmet'...?
Something a bit more soft and light, but rigid would protect a bit more...!

...THE OTHER thing I do not understand of NFL, is why do you PILE ON IN A HEAP ONTO one another when the ball is on the ground...?

...THE ONLY THING I DO NOT UNDERSTAND OF NHL, is that they countervail [counterpoise] any logic of SPORTS and Fighting, and what FOWLS ARE...! UNLESS IT IS PRO-BOXING OR hard core Kick Boxing...!

IF NHL starts BOXING AGAIN or hitting RAM from wherever, I WILL NOT LOOK AT ANOTHER GAME...!

And any strange place that does not have Professional Boxing, WWE, Ultimate hard core Wrestling-Kickboxing...! HAVE Professional Boxing and Wrestling and whatever, but not for wrongly in HOCKEY nights for Vancouverites blood thirsty for fist fights and wrestling...! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

...Ophra was nice...! But we all do not have a "calling by her 'narcisit' Bible God"...!

Ophrad was simply "great"!
Old Religion inspired!

Oprah inspires thousands of Vancouver fans at Rogers Arena (with video)
 By zoe mcknight, Vancouver Sun January 25, 2013 10:07 AM

Get a glimpse of Oprah's appearance on stage at Rogers Arena Thursday Jan. 24th, 2013.

“Why are you here?” Oprah Winfrey asked 16,000 people, mostly women, on Thursday night.

“You know I don’t dance and sing, right?”

But it was a philosophical question too, and during her two-hour presentation at Rogers Arena, the media and motivational mogul asked her fans to consider their purpose in life.

By turns funny and self-deprecating as well as serious, the 58-year-old told the story of her ascent from a childhood in poor, rural Mississippi to her position as one of the most powerful celebrities and influential women in the world.

“My hope is that — with no singing or dancing — you will leave here with a little morsel; a level of consciousness that allows you to be better, to do better, to live better and to love better. That’s the ultimate question for all of us: why are you here?”


...Folks we all have a "calling"...!



I AGREE I DO  have a gene made capacity, and a man made by society, results of life activities...!

...Assad has shown himself again! Nothing is wrong! The Genocide and refugees is because of terrorists! He is not to blame!

Folks Jesus has "reapeared", in a Mosque...!
But "Moha_mad" has not as yet...!

 Al Assad reaparece en público en una ceremonia religiosa en una mezquita
[[["...Al Assad reappeared in public in a religious ceremony in a mosque"]]]


El presidente de Siria, Bashar al Assad, ha reaparecido en público para participar en una ceremonia religiosa en conmemoración del aniversario del nacimiento del profeta Mahoma, que se ha celebrado en la mezquita damascena de Al Afram.

Antes de entrar al recinto, Al Assad ha saludado a los presentes, tras lo que ha realizado los rezos de mediodía, que han estado encabezados por el imam de la mezquita, el jeque Ahmad al Jazaeri, según ha informado la agencia estatal de noticias siria.

Tras la ceremonia, el ministro de Asuntos Religiosos, Mohamad Abdul-Sattar al Sayyid, ha pronunciado un discurso sobre el “sublime significado” del nacimiento del profeta Mahoma, en el que ha destacado que éste “solicitó que se aplicara la lógica y la mente antes que la muerte y la destrucción” y “creyó en la libertad de pensamiento en conversó con los que le contradijeron”.

“Al celebrar el aniversario del nacimiento del profeta, recordamos todo lo que superó y cómo Dios le hizo conquistar a sus enemigos. Podemos trazar un paralelismo con nuestra situación actual, ya que Siria se enfrenta a enemigos que conspiran, y podemos inferir que la nación saldrá victoriosa”, ha subrayado Al Sayyid.

Asimismo, ha solicitado a los sirios que “aprovechen” el llamamiento al diálogo formulado por Al Assad y que la consideren “una maravillosa oportunidad”, al tiempo que les ha urgido “a seguir los pasos del profeta Mahoma”.


Google Translate:
"[[[Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has reappeared in public to participate in a religious ceremony to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad, which was held at the mosque of Al Afram damascena.

Before entering the enclosure, Al Assad greeted those present, after which you performed the noon prayers, which have been led by the imam of the mosque, Sheikh Ahmad al Jazaeri, as reported by the Syrian state news agency .

After the ceremony, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al Sayyid, has given a speech on the "sublime meaning" the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, in which he stressed that "requested that applied logic and mind before death and destruction "and" believed in freedom of thought in which he spoke to contradict. "

"As we celebrate the birthday of the Prophet, remember all that passed and how God made him conquer his enemies. We can draw a parallel with our current situation, and that Syria is facing enemies who conspire, and we can infer that the nation will be victorious, "stressed Al Sayyid.

It has also asked the Syrians to "seize" the call for dialogue made ​​by Al Assad and consider that "a wonderful opportunity", while urged them "to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad."]]]"


...Assad has shown himself again! Nothing is wrong! The Genocide and refugees is because of terrorists! He is not to blame! assured English people of various nations...! IF YOU DECIDED TO RISE IN ARMAMENT AND A NATIONS COMPLETE STRIKE FROM WORK...! The situation would be made as Syria with Civil Wars to death...! THOSE THAT ARE THERE WILL NOT LEAVE WHAT THEY SO MUCH CHERISH: Power over other humans making many "poor peasants", and running the World with ancient Religions,  making all believe that they cannot make things better, and that you cannot, and that Heaven is after death...!

THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SO AGAINST ME...! They do not have the mental capacity to determine that I am right and it is possible...!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

...Ophra coming to town...!

...Ophra coming to town for the 24th...!

...DOES ANYBODY HAVE A TICKET FOR ME or 93$ for a balcony "seat" that have been all sold out...!

Monday, January 21, 2013, red roses, so blue...! rovin, and a rovin' ...! ...'humpty dumpty' "was pushed"...!

Must have been for the first Obama Presidential Ball


Blood Red Roses

Our boots and clothes are all in pawn
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down
It's mighty drafty 'round Cape Horn
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

But it's round Cape Horn that we must go
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down
For that is where them whalefish blow
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

My dear old mother wrote to me
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down
Oh, son, dear son come home from sea
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

Now one more pull and that will do
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down
For we're the boys to pull her through
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down

Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down, you blood red roses, Go down


40 Shades Of Blue
Larry Kirwan

Oh it's midnight on the Bowery and your feet are soakin' wet
And you've drank your last brass farthin'
You'd sell your soul for a cigarette
And the sounds from CBGBs are comfortin' to you
Then you think of the green fields of Ireland
And you feel 40 shades of blue

Ah you're back on the drink since September
And your head feels like a sieve
And you know that you're goin' from bad to worse
But you just don't give a shit
And the hymns from the Sally Army sound heavenly and true
Then you think of your friends and your family
And you feel 40 shades of blue

Ah you've got a great future behind you
But you're goin' nowhere fast
Just up and down the Bowery from Canal Street to old St. Marks
And you wonder what she's up to now
Did she really find somebody new
Ah how the hell could she just walk out like that
On your 40 shades of blue

And you wonder how it came to this
Was it always in the cards
'Cause workin' is for idiots
And you loved the smell of bars
And the letters that you sent back home
Were full of all the things you'd done
But they don't say you're down there on Bleecker Street
With your hand out on the bum

Now the dawn's comin' up on the Bowery
And you're heartsick and soakin' wet
With your tongue hangin' out for some Irish Rose
You'd sell your soul for a cigarette
"And someday I'm gonna give up this drinkin'
But then maybe someday I'll win the lottery too
Then I'll go back home to old Wexford Town
And paint her 40 shades off blue"


A Pair Of Brown Eyes
Shane MacGowan

One summer evening drunk to hell
I sat there nearly lifeless
An old man in the corner sang
Where the water lilies grow
And on the jukebox Johnny sang
About a thing called love
And it's how are you kid and what's your name
And how would you bloody know

In blood and death 'neath a screaming sky
I lay down on the ground
And the arms and legs of other men
Were scattered all around
Some cursed, some prayed, some prayed then cursed
Then prayed then bled some more

And the only thing that I could see
Was a pair of brown eyes that was looking at me
But when we got back, labelled parts one to three
There was no pair of brown eyes waiting for me

And a rovin' a rovin' a rovin' I'll go
For a pair of brown eyes

I looked at him he looked at me
All I could do was hate him
While Ray and Philomena sang
Of my elusive dreams
I saw the streams, the rolling hills
Where his brown eyes were waiting
And I thought about a pair of brown eyes
That waited once for me

So drunk to hell I left the place
Sometimes crawling sometimes walking
A hungry sound came across the breeze
So I gave the walls a talking
And I heard the sounds of long ago
From the old canal
And the birds were whistling in the trees
Where the wind was gently laughing

So a rovin' a rovin' a rovin' I'll go
For a pair of brown eyes
For a pair of brown eyes


I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon

I loved the ground she walked upon
And the air she would softly breathe
The feather touch of her gentle lips
That only a fool would leave
That only a fool would leave
But we tasted forbidden wine
Though I loved the ground she walked upon
I could never have made her mine

The swallows fly all along the canal
And I watch with a heavy heart
In dizzy spins they dive and wheel
Touch wings and then depart
Touch wings and then depart
As the summer fades away
Though I loved the ground she walked upon
I knew that I could not stay

The swallow is a summer's child
And she flies before the cold
Though I loved the ground she walked upon
She was not mine to hold
She was not mine to hold
But it was easy to pretend
Though I loved the ground she walked upon
A summer has to end
A summer has to end


William Rooney

Still forms, grey dust, blank stones in Dublin City,
A grave in green Kildare,
And many a grassy mound that moves our pity
O´er Erin everywhere.

Cave Hill, above the Lagan noises, rearing
Her shaggy head in pride;
Lone Ednavady´s brow, and Antrim staring
Across Lough Neagh´s rough tide.

Killala still her weary watch maintaining
Beside the ocean´s boom,
And Castlebar in faithful guard remaining
Around the Frenchmen´s tomb.

Ross, Wexford, Gorey, Oulart, Tubberneering,
And many a Wicklow glen
That knew the dauntless souls and hearts unfearing
Of Dwyer and his men.

These, through a hundred years of gloom and doubting,
Speak trumpet-toned today
Above the cry of creed and faction´s shouting,
To tread the olden way.

These, in the hearts of all true men waken
The olden fires anew;
These tell of hope unquenched and faith unshaken,
Of something still to do.

They bring us visions, full of tears and sorrow,
Of homes and hearts left lone;
Of eyes grown dim with watching for a morrow,
Of joy that never shone.

But too, they whisper notes of preparation
And strength beyond the seas;
Of hope outliving night and desolation
Through all the centuries.

Then to the staff-head let our flag, ascending
Our fires on every hill,
Tell to the nations of the earth attending
We wage the battle still.

Tell to the nations, though the grass is o´er them
For many a weary year,
Our father´s souls still thrill the land that bore them,
Their spirit still is there.

And by their graves we swear this year of story
To battle side by side
Til freedom crowns with immemorial glory
The cause for which they died.

Red Roses For Me
Sean O'Casey

A sober black shawl hides her body entirely
Touched by the sun and the salt spray of the sea
But down in the darkness a slim hand so lovely
Carries a rich bunch of red roses for me

Her petticoat simple and her feet are but bare
And all that she has is but neat and scanty
But stars in the deep of her eyes are exclaiming
I carry a rich bunch of red roses for thee

No arrogant gem sits enthroned on her forehead
Or swings from a white ear for all men to see
But jewelled desire in a bosom so pearly
Carries a rich bunch of red roses for me

Red Is The Rose

Come over the hills my handsome Irish lad
Come over the hills to your darling
You choose the road love, and I'll make a vow
That I'll be your true love forever

Red is the rose by yonder garden grows
And fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any

Down by Killarneys green woods we did stray
The moon and the stars they were shining
The moon shone it's rays on his locks of golden hair
And he swore he'd be my love forever

Red is the rose by yonder garden grows
And fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any

It's not for the parting that my sister pains
It's not for the grief of my mother
It's all for the loss of my handsome Irish lad
Now my heart is broken forever

Red is the rose by yonder garden grows
And fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any


The Sea Around Us
Dominic Behan

They say that the lakes of Killarney are fair
That no stream like the Liffey can ever compare
If it´s water you want you´ll find nothing more rare
Than the stuff they make down by the ocean

The sea, oh the sea is the gradh geal mo croide
Long may it stay between England and me
It´s a sure guarantee that some hour we´ll be free
Oh thank God we´re surrounded by water

Tom Moore made his waters meet fame and renown
A great lover of anything dressed in a crown
In brandy the brandy old Saxon he´d drown
But throw ne'er a one into the ocean

The Scots have their whisky, the Welsh have their speech
And their poets are paid about tenpence a week
Provided no hard words on England they speak
Oh Lord! What a price for devotion

The Danes came to Ireland with nothing to do
But dream of the plundered old Irish they slew
´Yeh will in your Viking, said Brian Boru
And threw them back into the ocean!

Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join,
Each wanting their head on the back of a coin
If the Irish had sense they´d drowned both in the Boyne
And partition throw into the ocean!


There Will Be Another Day
Chris Byrne

Reluctantly I give flow to this song
Got my fingers crossed hoping that I'm wrong
But I'll take my chances before this chance is gone
I gotta question
Just what's going on ?
It don't seem quite rational
Reaching out for multinational assistance
Them cats best be kept with a distance
Or if need be met with assistance
They'll give you crazy lucci but control all the tools
So consumer fools will play by their rules
The fools, the fools, the fools, Pearse once said
At O'Rossa's grave, trying to wake up the dead
Ireland unfree shall never be at peace
So why all the sudden are the troubles gonna cease
Like royal family leeches it seems they are here to stay
But keep hope boy ...

There will be another day

Beware of Greeks bearin gifts and Yankees bearin dollars
Before you cut a deal think of J.R. from Dallas
I see golden arches span across New Grange
Hojos and Starbucks in the Burren making mad change
How about White Cashel ? Don't let culture be a hassle
Tear it down to the ground, tear it down
The world's biggest playground
Keep Eire in mind for your next little trip
The Emerald Isle Orlando of Europe
Guests of the nation tend to overstay but keep hope boy ...

There will be another day

To maintain a level I remain a rebel
Take stands won't shake hands with the devil
Not me son, they don't get me on the run
Humpty Dumpty was pushed cause no one had a gun
When a wrong remains a wrong a right remains a right
Darkness is darkest just before the light so keep strong
The road is rough, the road is tough, the road is long
On it alone or with a group either way
As long as no one stays on it ...

There will be another day


George F. Thomson B.

...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will, First Lady Michelle Obama...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will be, color so red...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you wll be, flowing so red...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will be, blood so mingled in one, as a baby...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will be, Star Spangled Banner, and U.S.A...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will be, traditions and ancient Religions and Bible Apocalipsis...!
...I will be for ever,
I do not know if you will be, old old Earth, if anything is left...!

...I will be for ever,
said the rose to the bee...!
Not knowing that her fading away,
would give place to the next rose tree...!

...I will be forever,
said the Bison to the mountain Cougar...!
Not knowing that her cubs,
would not give place to her next time round...!

...I will be for ever,
said the River to the tree...!
Not knowing that her fading away,
would give way to the deserted way...!

...I will be forever,
said the 'Apple tree to the pruner...!
Not knowing that her apple's,
would give way to the fields of farming...!

...I will be forever,
said the Farmer to the market place,
Not knowing that his produce,
would give way to another "World"...!

A World of cultivation of 'grass, 'grains,
and humanoid sub-species, as no other,
"meat" could be found, other than one 'another...! 

...I will be for ever and ever,
You see there is nothing better,
than the logic of logic, thought, mind and brains...!
There is nothing better,
than a "pure" heart, and "pure" mind...!
There is nothing worse,

than 7 Billion brainwashed human slaves...!
There is nothing better,
than a Redemption without sacrifice,
nor the need for red blood flowing without or beyond its life...!
The love of us all humans united to live our heaven here,
 and not the one they offer after this life...!
What made humans be as they are today...?
Only what we are not today, or can stop from being...!
Only those that want others to be something absurd,
that they are...!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

...Not Sun20th, it is tommorow "Monday" the 21st...! What ? The USA Presidential Inauguration Act!

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera

On Sol 84 (Oct. 31, 2012), NASA's Curiosity rover used the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) to capture this set of 55 high-resolution images, which were stitched together to create this full-color self-portrait.

The mosaic shows the rover at "Rocknest," the spot in Gale Crater where the mission's first scoop sampling took place. Four scoop scars can be seen in the regolith in front of the rover.

The base of Gale Crater's 3-mile-high (5-kilometer) sedimentary mountain, Mount Sharp, rises on the right side of the frame. Mountains in the background to the left are the northern wall of Gale Crater. The Martian landscape appears inverted within the round, reflective ChemCam instrument at the top of the rover's mast.

Self-portraits like this one document the state of the rover and allow mission engineers to track changes over time, such as dust accumulation and wheel wear. Due to its location on the end of the robotic arm, only MAHLI (among the rover's 17 cameras) is able to image some parts of the craft, including the port-side wheels.

This high-resolution mosaic is a more detailed version of the low-resolution version created with thumbnail images, at: .

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems


..."Jesus" is returning [...i do not from where...! nor do i have the foggiest idea why if "he" could...!], with the Rover "Curio-sity", to "Levi-tate" and "LAND" on the front lawn for the Presidential Inauguration 20-21Jan2013...!


...The World is just 62million "breaths"[BREADTH's] more...!

...The World is just 62million "breaths"[BREADTH] more...!

...the World is just "barely" 62Million more humans...!
And it was strangely "foggy" today...!

...the population of UK is around 62Million...! And they cannot cope with them all...!

...SCIENCE Evolution is equivalent to "we have the "foggiest" idea"...!
. the Presidential Innauguration Act 20 Jan 2013...! the Presidential Inauguration Act 20 Jan 2013...!

...I DON'T CARE IF IT IS THE 44TH OR 66TH OR 666TH President Inauguration...!
Why would I ? They have 50Million jack-asses that are mere "living poor bastards of human meat"...!

Saturday, January 19, 2013 "non_sense" & English are still "slavists"...!

THE ENGLISH still are "black slavists"...!

Stop biofuels causing hunger
A UK biofuel company took land from Halima Ali and her community.  They promised fair compensation and badly-needed social services in exchange- but none of these promises have been kept.

"Before we lost our land to the company, we got our food from there. We used to have food in the morning, lunch and evening and get full. Now, we only take little, because there is a lack of food. It has affected the children, without a doubt."

Halima Ali lives with her family in a small village in East Africa. In 2006, a British biofuel company came to her village, persuading her local community to give up their land. In return, the company promised full and fair compensation. They also promised that they would create well-paid jobs on the plantation for local people and provide badly-needed schools and clinics, roads and wells.

The company never fulfilled their promises. Now, in dry season Halima and her community have to walk for almost 4 hours to fetch water. Because the land provided charcoal and wood for the community to trade, they now have little money and cannot afford to pay their children's school fees.

Halima is one of millions of poor people who have had their land grabbed by biofuel companies. This land grab is driven by the policies of Western governments. Take action alongside Halima. Change those policies and sign the petition to stop the biofuels land grab in poor countries 

Each year the UK burns enough food crops in our cars as biofuels to feed over 10 million people, while one in eight people go hungry every day. You can help stop this.

Join the call for Food not Fuel below.

Politicians are starting to recognise the problem of using food for fuel. Now we need them to end biofuels that cause hunger.

We're creating a symbolic 'field of wheat' where each grain represents a person calling for Food not Fuel. Add your details below and we will add your name and town to a 'grain of wheat'. We’ll take your message to the heart of government by sending a message politicians can’t ignore.

What’s wrong with biofuels?

Biofuels are driving hunger. Food is used to fuel our cars rather than to eat, pushing up food prices, and people are being forced off their land to make way for biofuels plantations.

...what greed and wrong energy sources for vehicles produces...! further World jeopardy, more poordom, WORLD HUNGER and oppression !

...BIO-FUELS FOR JETS, will finish this World as we know it today...! NOT TO MENTION THE END OF "CRUDE OIL"...!

...TRANSPORTATION will have to be in "Newtonian/gravity/geared" big ELECTRIC BOATS, and Electric Trucks and TRAINS...! Electric Cars with no need of big batteries, with geared generators, etc...! NOT EVEN SOLAR POWER PANELS !


BIO-FUELS IS "NON_SENSE" more than even "EVIL"...!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...a day "like" today, LUNOKHOD 2 put it's "wheels' on the "Moon"...!

Today in 1973: the Soviet Lunokhod 2 rover lands on the Moon, explores for 4 months
...a bit bigger photos please...!

 The Lunokhod 2 rover is still parked on the floor of the crater Le Monnier (25.830°N, 30.914°E). This NAC image was taken when the spacecraft was only 24 km above the surface, zipping along at about 1.6 km/sec (about 3600 mph). The spacecraft had to turn on its axis 27° to view the rover. The resolution is about two times higher than usual!

The Lunokhod 2 rover was carried to the surface on board the Luna 21 spacecraft. Lunokhod is the English translation of the Russian word “Луноход”, meaning Moon Walker. The ensemble was launched on 11 January 1973 and the landing occurred on 15 January in Le Monnier crater on the eastern margin of Mare Serenitatis. The coordinates of the landing site are 26.005°N, 30.406°E (on the basis of nine observations) at an elevation of -2769 m (1734630.9 m radius).

Le Monnier crater

Le Monnier crater lies on the eastern wall of the Serenitatis basin. The lavas that compose Mare Serenitatis also flooded the floor of this 61 km diameter crater. The two red crosses indicate the locations of the Luna 17 lander (L17) and the Lunokhod 2 rover (L2) [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Lunokhod 2 is about 170 cm (5’ 7”) long x 160 cm (5’ 3”) wide x 135 cm (4’ 5”) tall, and it is almost circular when viewed from above. The vehicle had eight wheels and could travel at either 1 km/hr or 2 km/hr (0.6 and 1.2 mph). The lid on the top of the rover served to provide solar power and to keep the vehicle warm at night. When the lid was opened, the solar cells collected energy to operate the rover. At night, the lid was closed and a fluid heated by the decay of Polonium-210 kept the rover warm. The rover was controlled remotely by a team of Soviet controllers on Earth.

Model of the Lunokhod 2

Model of Lunokhod 2 shown with lid partially open, note the mesh wheel design.

During its 37 km traverse, Lunokhod 2 headed south from the landing site and into the highlands from the southern rim of Le Monnier crater. Lunokhod 2 had difficulty on the slopes of the southern rim so it was turned northward and commanded to backtrack to the flat mare basalts that form the floor of Le Monnier. It then continued eastward across the crater floor eventually encountering a 250 wide north-northeast trending rille named Fossa Recta (Straight Rille).

Lunokhod 2 landing site

The Luna 21 lander with ramps deployed on both sides, to the northwest and to the southeast. Lunokhod 2 drove off the lander to the northwest and circled around to the east. Several turns were made as the rover photographed the lander. It then departed and headed south. LROC NAC M122007650L [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

The rover had to work its way down the rille wall and across the floor before finally climbing out on the east side. Lunokhod 2 continued north before reaching its final position. The mission officially ended on 4 June 1973 due to a failure of the rover. Apparently on 9 May, the rover’s lid touched a crater wall and become covered with fine-grained lunar regolith. That regolith was dumped onto the radiators when the lid closed. Subsequently, when the lid opened, the rover overheated and failed.

Luna 21 as seen by Lunokhod 2

Luna 21 lander as seen from the Lunokhod 2 rover. This view as taken from south of the lander looking to the northwest. The tracks around the east side of the lander are quite apparent, note the small berms of regolith that were pushed up as the rover turned. Lunation 1, Session 4, Panorama 12.

The scientific payload on the rover included three television cameras for navigation, four panoramic cameras, a cone penetrometer to test the lunar regolith, a solar X-ray experiment, a magnetometer, radiometer, and laser retroreflector.

Examine the regional geology that Lunokhod 2 was exploring (hint: sample 4493, line 15645; look to the south for some spectacular rover tracks).

...the only main question I have is, that the resolution of the photos from the LROC are not of much proof...!

Monday, January 14, 2013

...mirrors of the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff...!

...a debt ceiling or fiscal cliff, is as far as you want it, in number of recycled trees or re-planted, or in plastic notes now, or simply "electronic"...!

You would control by other ways, of course!

Bye, good bye, ancient World and ancient minds! As far as I know nobody is going to change your ways, and you won't either!


Book 2 is fascinating, lets just do the literature thing...!

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...anagrammatt 2: the USA and their swearing in "Jesus Bible"...!

 ...anagrammatt 2: the USA and their swearing in "Jesus Bible"...!


...THE PURE LOGIC OF COMMUNICATING WITH another life form on another Planet...!

If new ‘Earth-like’ planet harbours life, should we communicate with it?
By Scott Sutherland | Geekquinox – 19 hours ago

Sure, we're a long ways off from figuring out any kind of practical interstellar travel, but just think about it: if it turns out to be only a short distance away from us (relatively speaking), and further examination shows that it has a very good chance of having life, think of the potential for sending a message there! There's risks involved with that, certainly, but there has been some suggestion that game-theory and the "prisoner's dilemma" scenario offer some key insight into this — that we should take the risk to send out messages (although only a few, and very selectively), because the potential benefits far outweighs the risks involved.


...So even though communicating with another Planet World, if this could happen, would seem exhilarating! THE PRACTICALITY OF THIS INDICATES THAT IT WOULD NOT BE ADVISABLE!

...WHY ?




...AGAIN the logic is, what you are not, and claim that PURE LOGIC cannot be for, how can you expect from another World Beings to be for you...? It is more probable for them to be more intelligent! WHAT IS AT 5 TO 100 LIGHT YEARS AWAY, HAS NOT COMMUNICATED, BECAUSE OF BEING MORE INTELLIGENT OR DUMBER! AND EITHER WAY OF NO BENEFIT FOR US! STUPID NASA...!


...You have 1Billion humans hungry and poor as slaves here on Earth and you think you can handle other beings of another Planet...? ABSURD...!

...Somebody said, with Atomic Bombs, humans are invincible! YEAH, whilst you can deploy them! You would have to have Atomic bombs set up on ground for trap attacks or self destruction...! DO DO BIRDS...!

...are Americans "Brainless"? So we have to say they have a problem of "understanding" differences and concepts!

Outrage over beheading of Sri Lankan woman by Saudi Arabia
By Jethro Mullen, CNN
updated 11:12 AM EST, Fri January 11, 2013

(CNN) -- A young Sri Lankan woman has been beheaded with a sword in a small, dusty town in Saudi Arabia, thousands of miles from the lush jungles and idyllic beaches of the country where she grew up.

Rizana Nafeek arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2005 and spent her first few weeks in Saudi Arabia working as a housemaid to earn money to support her relatives back home who had been displaced by the massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean the year before.

She then spent the next seven years in Saudi jails as she was accused, charged, convicted and sentenced to death in the killing of her employers' 4-month-old son. Authorities executed her Wednesday in Dawadmi, about 200 kilometers west of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
...]]]" lawyer, no judicial process, but you are to blame! how ancient! THE INJUSTICE OF JUSTICE makes better behavior! NOOO ! BETTER LIVELIHOOD AND EDUCATION MAKES BETTER HUMANS! Not draconian Police!



THE CONCLUSION: ...are Americans "Brainless"? So we have to say they have a problem of "understanding" differences, and concepts!


...WE DEDICATE THIS BLOG POSTING to the ones on death row in TEXAS that are going to be "assassinated legally by USA"...!

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...two novels of action and homicides...!


[1] 206 Bones - Kathy Reich

[2] NINE - Jan Burke

...have a read! the technical data is fascinating!

...i do not know, but there is always a problem of point "A" to point "B"...! Home base and whereabouts, etc! If not, it is a well conceived novel!

...i'll see what i can find!

...a lot of people do not like reading about deaths and homicides! but they happen around us all the time! why not read a few of these novels!

...there are allegedly fans that read every one of the novels of a author! sometimes i get defrauded with one a real bogus novel! normally i do not have nor do i have time to read every one of them! that is the advantage of so many authors! a publisher and analyst, you do get sometimes into the mind of the author!