Friday, December 7, 2012

...todays non-prophetico "venezuelanism"...!

Chavez is back today early morning at around 2:30 am!

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez makes first public appearance in 3 weeks after medical treatment in Cuba.
(CNN) -- A chipper Hugo Chavez bantered in front of the cameras early Friday morning upon returning to Venezuela from medical treatment in Cuba.

The image of the high-spirited president, who hadn't been seen in public in three weeks, appeared to be a response to speculation about his health.

Chavez, who had surgery in 2011 to remove a cancerous tumor, has undergone further operations and radiation therapy in Cuba since then, but claims to be cancer free. Yet doubts persist among some who speculate that his condition is much worse than acknowledged.

...this "fox" has played it against all odds, ever since being given presidential freedom from jail!

...what can he loose after 14 years of success? nothing...! even his life would be nothing...!