Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...this is satire of a possible reality or not?

URGENT - real urgent...!

Derecha radical de EEUU propone armar a niños para evitar futuras masacres

The ultra radical right of U.S.A. proposes to weaponize[arm] children to avoid future massacres...!


...man/gal if you read into Spanish please read this one...!

THE REAL SOLUTION TO U.S.A. civil weapons and guarding places of mass congregation...!

...this is the most proof of who is crazy...! can you believe that arming School teachers is the solution to the problem?
Because we all agree, if we have any sanity, that arming children would be a misnomer and travesty...!

From many other travesties and misnomers of U.S.A., the biggest joke if not true, is arming/weaponizing children...! they bite and kick quite hard and run in group and can give quite a whack, and 'possibly sit you'...!