Sunday, December 30, 2012

ARYSTHARCUS! conspiracy theory! simply "hidden" military[industrial] secrets that you can infer on!

The South Rim of Aristarchus
...Essentially a nice photo but with no zoom for possible better detail...!  
by Jason Major on December 30, 2012

Flying over at an altitude of 135 km, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured this lovely oblique view of the crater Aristarchus, looking down at the 40-km (25-mile) -wide crater’s southern rim from the west.

The broad flank of Aristarchus’ 300-meter (980-foot) central peak and surrounding hills can be seen at left, casting lengthening shadows in the setting sun.

Named after the Greek astronomer who first proposed a controversial heliocentric model for the Solar System in the 3rd century BCE, Aristarchus is a prominent crater located near the Moon’s northwestern limb within the geologically-diverse Oceanus Procellarum — the “Ocean of Storms.” Surrounded by rays of bright ejecta that extend down its stepped rim, the floor of Aristarchus drops 3.7 km (2.3 miles) below the surrounding lunar landscape.

...No doubt that zoom and closer pictures of the Moon's surface, are of Military[Industrial] "grade" secrets...!

...BECAUSE the reference picture of YVR-Vancouver Airport shows at a reference height of ~30,000feet(~6Km) that you can see the jets parked...! These jets are bigger than any Apollo Lunar module or "rover"...!

...Why would Nasa have a Orbiter, if it is not taking real close pictures, to see and verify what they have to cover up hopefully before anybody else gets closer to the Moon...!

...Essentially you are not seeing much detail at all of the Moon and Aristarchus at this zoom as far as we can ascertain...! The most zoom we are getting with the full size picture compared to the reference maps, is what can be seen from ~44Km to ~22Km high in altitude with your normal eyes flying over as in a jet...! At between 15Km to 10Km in Altitude you can only see the airplanes jets as "mere dots" with no details! I AM PRETTY SURE THIS PHOTO GIVEN OF ARISTARCHUS MOON CRATER IS ONLY AN EXPLOSION VIEW OF NOT A CLOSER VIEW TO MERELY THE DETAIL YOU CAN SEE WITH EYE SIGHT FROM 10Km to 15Km high in altitude! AND IF IT IS AS CLOSE IN DETAIL AS THE EXPLODED VIEW, JETS SIZES ARE ONLY "DOTS"!

...So lets enjoy these numbers and scales map references of Vancouver, B.C. Canada and what 40Km radius is...!