Sunday, December 16, 2012 is a bat, noo it is a flying witch on a broomstick, noo it is a flying monster, noo it is a Canadian/Concord AVRO...!

 Do I believe in fossils?
Well yeah! I once had a Mammoth molar from my Dad!
Do they make up fossils? You would have to do a materials lab examination, I suppose!

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Pteranodon (play /tɨˈrænədɒn/; from Greek πτερ- "wing" and αν-οδων "toothless") is a genus of pterosaurs which included some of the largest known flying reptiles, with wingspans over 6 metres (20 ft). It existed during the late Cretaceous geological period of North America in present day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota. More fossil specimens of Pteranodon have been found than any other pterosaur, with about 1,200 specimens known to science, many of them well preserved with nearly complete skulls and articulated skeletons. It was an important part of the animal community in the Western Interior Seaway.[1]

Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera (play /kaɪˈrɒptərə/; from the Greek χείρ - cheir, "hand"[2] and πτερόν - pteron, "wing"[3]) whose forelimbs form webbed wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. By contrast, other mammals said to fly, such as flying squirrels, gliding possums, and colugos, can only glide for short distances. Bats do not flap their entire forelimbs, as birds do, but instead flap their spread-out digits,[4] which are very long and covered with a thin membrane or patagium.

Bat echolocation is a perceptual system where ultrasonic sounds are emitted specifically to produce echoes. By comparing the outgoing pulse with the returning echoes, the brain and auditory nervous system can produce detailed images of the bat's surroundings. This allows bats to detect, localize and even classify their prey in complete darkness. At 130 decibels in intensity, bat calls are some of the most intense, airborne animal sounds.[33]

To clearly distinguish returning information, bats must be able to separate their calls from the echoes they receive. Microbats use two distinct approaches.

______________________________________ and no-feathers, and all skin pre-historic "ancient" giant bird, bat style monster, is what Canada needs as a fighter jet...!

DEFINITELY could not take off "flapping"...! And I have seen even a sea gull take off as a "kite"...!

...had to crawl around, what a odd funny flying being...! a very difficult thing to be...!

a bat has a few more "ribs" to those wings of the Pterondon...!

have you seen a failed bat flight trying to get back to some high place on the ground...! quite generally a failed being and attempt...!

what a beak and neck to hold it...! come to canada, no food stamps, hiding their poor and scum from public supermarkets...!

 toothless canada, is what they are...! no "bite"[kids minds]...!

ONLY EVE in Eden of the Bible literature fable book "story", had to do with being made from a "RIB" of ADAM, and not from "mud" like ADAM...!