Tuesday, December 25, 2012

...i just heard of a big Hybrid or 2 electric motors modified GM YUKON SUV working on ONE CYLINDER!

VERSUS THE SMALLEST "TECHNOLOGICAL" midget dinosaur and travesty ever...!

GM biggest 4 door
UK popular midget electric car from India

Generators of all kinds ! Of slow R.P.M. !




...WHEN somebody said electric cars needed bigger special batteries;
   that electric cars had to be smaller;
   that gasoline generators modified for cars is not permited or done;
   that alternators cannot be made for lower R.P.M. charging or direct power for the one or two electric motors of your car;
   that you had to plug in somewhere to re-charge your electric motor car battery;
   that gear boxes had to be not like Honda's geared automatic transmissions, but "mechanical" "feet-clutch" transmissions and not electrical semi-automatic;
   THAT trucks are not the easiest to make fully electric continuous motion;

   that regenerative braking is a homo-sapiens proof of intelligence and logic, which is like dragging your feet!;
   that you cannot make a small protected wind generator to pop-out through a roof hatch, after you are going;
   that permanent motion is a sectarian no-no;
   that humans do not need crude oil after it runs out in another 50 years or more;
   that damage and spare auto parts as of today and many other things is the only way to live well and not be a peasant;
   that Governments cannot supply us all with a middle nice life style, plus work!
   that, that, that...!

...and that the joke that a YUKON hybrid is a one cylinder gasoline electric big 4 door suv, is true...!

I HAVE BECOME FULLY CONVINCED, something is wrong with "somebody's head and mind...! More than any willful bias or evil intentions...!