Wednesday, December 12, 2012

...are you a believer (Bolivar) or not...? in what...? ASTEROIDS...!



Close Approach Image of Asteroid 2012 XE54
by Nancy Atkinson on December 11, 2012

A newly discovered small asteroid named 2012 XE54 passed harmlessly by Earth early today and as predicted it was eclipsed by Earth’s shadow, causing its light to “wink out” for a short time, about 40 minutes.

Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 12/11/2012
Newly discovered small asteroid just misses Earth; next up is much bigger 12/12/12 asteroid
By Steve Tracton

As if 12/12/12 wasn’t curious enough of a date already with the whole Mayan-doomsday-but-not-really thing, there’s also the dicey issue of tomorrow’s relatively close encounter with the huge (nearly three miles long) 4179 Toutatis asteroid, expected to pass within 4 million miles of Earth. As the author of this story puts it, “On the scale of the cosmos, that is a very close shave.”

But if you think that’s too close for comfort, how about an asteroid passing within just 140,000 miles (only 60% of the distance between the Earth and moon) of our planet? Guess what?... already happened earlier this morning.

Discovered only two days ago, XE54 came about as close to crashing into Earth as an asteroid can without actually doing so - close enough to be “eclipsed by Earth’s shadow, causing its shadow to ‘wink out’ for a short time,” according to Universe Today.

With a diameter of just 72-160 feet, XE54 is a far cry from the over six-mile wide asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs (and about 50% of all life’s species) 65 million years ago. But, while it’s possible an asteroid of this size would produce nothing more than a brilliant fireball as it disintegrated after entering the atmosphere, a direct hit by remaining rock chunks on a populated region could be disastrous.

___________________________________________ pure logic we believe in asteroids...! but as saint thomas...!

...why would i doubt these images and databases ? only if i could disprove them! i prefer to believe to not be so naive ! not ask a theologian or orthodox christiam why asteroids exist and if they are caused by sin...! or that their god is angry at us...!
...IN PURE LOGIC, ASTEROIDS AND THE ASTEROIDS BELT, that are QUITE NEAR TO OUR PLANET have a few analysis logic possible scenarios! And one of these scenarios is the mere naturalistic one, believe it or not! like, lets see what happens with no external influence, other than the existent forces! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek........! Say, that "Comets" never leave orbit around the Sun, even passing beyond the huge Jupiter...! Yauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuw...!