Monday, December 3, 2012


WORLD given data of a Venezuela!

...the venezuela of chavez and new constitution gave me the possibility of dual citizenship...!
...amazingly i finally got a reasonably good price for my house, and got my dollars before the export of currency extra controls!
...more have a government paid retirement after certain age, and others have it illegally!
...many more work at the government Oil Company PDVSA! is hay wire!
...INFLATION IS VERY HIGH AND THE poor can barely pay their bills and food!
...and a few poor i know have not changed much their way of life and poordom! others have managed at least housing and many live off rentals, even in a chavez socialist country believing in housing for all!
...many others do not have much work at all, after 14years!
...medications are not subsidized and are generally very costly!

-. AND NOW CHAVEZ leaves again for Cuba, on health issues again, in a very first time secretive way! "Accustomed" to public TV coverage!
-. A tweeter of 3million followers, gone silent for over 1 month!
-. A Pope that visited him in a previous visit in Cuba!

...Interesting summation of occurrences!

...AND FOLKS STATISTICAL DATA, has a way of showing only some "facts"...!, and covering up many worse realities!