Friday, December 28, 2012

...a special request from a well Evolved non-biased non-Science Personality of Richard Dawkins!

A Special Request from an unbiased free Evolution in Human History Acclaimed Scientist and Literature accepted leader!

Donate to a non-Science made Science Literature and Theory...!

"[[[ I am amazed at your successes and Work Titles and Literature Relevance!
 I(n) pure logic, you might need more or less successes to be (in human social life) sometimes, than (even those needed for) the origin of life...! Wowwwwwwww...! I did not know that pure logic and me, would be (and) find so  many obstacles, to not be (much)...! Cheers to fables and non-Science, and Ancient logic and Religions! Free non-biased competition, is or is not Evolution (of) (and) in Human History...! George.]]]"

...non-logic[Illogic] which has its type example in Evolution and Atheism, is a area of study in PURE LOGIC, and thus it is Science in this sense...!