Saturday, November 3, 2012

...usa elections prophetico in "hebrew"...!

USA Prophetico of Elections in "Hebrew"!
Yes their God is Judaic!

...amazingly right to left languages writ is meant for left hander's!
...right or leftist politics is not populism but capitalism or socialism! brother said, the Bible God was not racist in choosing the Jews to send his word! the problem is the logic, as a sane God would manifest himself to all at once, for true testimony! Of course this God did not manifest himself ever, as the logic of "his" manifestations are wrong also!
...good luck imaginary stories Americans! they say that with religious imaginations the nation has developed thus far! well keep on believing, i assure you the road of your logic is downwards!

AS FAR AS I KNOW, U.S.A. will get what they deserve also as a President and Congress!
Who said politics forms the right leaders! Even if they claim that they are confident in what they do!
Cheers to whoever wins, I care "ilch"...!