Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday - 24 - November - 2012 : a message of pure logic !

Message from the most on high in Pure Logic,
on this Thanksgiving weekend celebration.

People of the Earth,

We are all thanking our good luck and hope,
of knowing we can be happy and joyful, no
matter what Government we are under. As our main
purpose on this Earth is not to hope we will be
happy after life! Much less to barely live here
in meagerness, wantonness, and false hopes!

We can all be grateful, even though money cannot
buy love, the lack of it sure, is not what a King
or Queen, know what it is like or would be willing
to suffer the life of a peasant, which their system
permits to be, and actually makes! What can happen
to others then could happen to them!

The true definition of how they have made,
the system to be is still a ancient remnant of slavery.
The degradation of  a human, to a life of poordom,
with meager Government support, declares the
real reason why they do not give more! They
believe power, control and bad luck is this way!

They do not give more, though a rich family,
can give all to a rich boy or girl. And not make
them to not know how to live in lack and shame,
or pain and sickness. And to be content with much
or less! And to be humble! The truth is that
Government meagerness is foolish haughty pride!

Many are hungry and do not have a turkey to fill
up on! And a mere free dinner of turkey, is like
an aspirin to cancer! It does not solve the problem!
They are used to kicking the can down the road!
Why solve any main issues? Life is as it is, and
nobody or they will let nobody do major improvements!

Because the lure of power and control over others,
dominates their narcissist minds, more than their
hearts for one another! To them life is as is, and
has mainly been. They do not even believe it could
be different. Rather they teach it is as is, with
their insane studies of University Economy degrees!

Lets be thankful, that so far we can still think
aloud, and try and defend ourselves from their
illogic minds! Because not so long ago, it was a
penal and even death offense, to say anything against
the Monarchy or their Church! That is how ancient
they used to be! And still are in many ways and forms!

Happy Thanksgivings to so many out there, in a
shameful and degrading state! Lets be happy these
few days of the weekend! In which the slavist do
not require that most of us work for a meager wage.
To enrich the dominating class of the ones that give
work, when Government could give more work to all!

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead