Saturday, November 17, 2012

...Pulse of Canada or Canada's Pulse...?

Pulse of Canada: Do you trust Stephen Harper?
By Yahoo! Canada News | Pulse of Canada – Fri, 16 Nov, 2012
Each Friday, Yahoo! Canada News asks Canadians where they stand on the important issues of the day, and our panel of experts tackle the same question.

This week we asked:

A recent poll by the Envronics Institute showed Stephen Harper is one of the least-trusted leaders in the Western Hemisphere. Do you trust Stephen Harper?

Thomas Bink: "Trust" is a pretty subjective word. I think Harper is "trustworthy" and I think I have confidence in how he's leading the country, but it's impossible to trust politicians as a whole. I mean, it's no secret that they promise things during election campaigns that they can't deliver on once they're in office, but does that mean they can't be trusted? Not really, it's all part of the game. Let me put it this way: I would trust Stephen Harper with my wallet. But I probably wouldn't trust him on some of his environmental promises. Two different things.

...i trust Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to not be "Conservationists"!
...i trust Stephen Harper to be Austere and "oust" a lot of people from goverment jobs, to no jobs!
...i trust Stephen Harper to be "Accountable" and use a lot of money "unaccounted for"!
...i trust Stepehn Harper to give a better "Image" of Canada to the World!
...i trust Stephen Harper for Canadians low rate mortgages and housing!
...i trust Stephen Harper to continue dignifying the Military of Canada and power presence from coast to coast to coast!
...i trust Stephen Harper to keep the Canadian dollar "high"!
...i trust Stephen Harper to defend internet freedoms, freedom of speech and expression, and freedom of work and activities!
...i trust Stephen Harper to continue providing Universal high quality health care!
...i trust Stepehn Harper so that I do not get shot from a long gun hunter!
...Can anybody think of anything else to "En-trust" or "Trust"?

So far Canada is my new found home. I am managing to "stay" alive, and my family can work!
They are getting to like my publishing work, after many years of "meditation"!, and I still have apparent freedom of activities and expression! And that they are a developing a mentality of "progress"!
And I would prefer Stephen Harper 99.9% more than the Venezuela Chavez! That is certain, because I have personal reasons and direct contact with real true conditions in Venezuela!