Sunday, October 7, 2012

...World ! There are public "elections" in Venezuela today! - [[...we will do the follow-up here...!]]

Hugo Rafael Chávez [ ] "Money talks...!"

[[[[..."CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez's crusade to transform Venezuela into a socialist state, which has bitterly divided the nation, was put to the stiffest electoral test of his nearly 14 years in power on Sunday in a closely fought presidential election.
Both camps said turnout was high, with millions of Venezuelans casting ballots. Long lines formed at many polling centers, with queues of hundreds of voters snaking along sidewalks and around blocks in many parts of Caracas.
Chavez's challenger, Henrique Capriles, united the opposition in a contest between two sides that distrust each other so deeply that some expressed concerns whether a close election result would be respected.
"We will recognize the results, whatever they are," Chavez told reporters after casting his vote in Caracas.
Chavez was greeted at the polling center by American actor Danny Glover and Guatemalan Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu. He said he was pleased to see a "massive turnout."
Capriles said after voting that the election had been free of violence.
"We've shown the world that we're resolving our differences peacefully through the vote, as it should be," Capriles said. He noted that he had never lost an election and said he was wearing his "lucky" brown suede shoes."...]]]]

peasants for ever
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“The first version:

Well folks with folklore and the Falkland's, I have a story for you all!.
Nobody has done much to complain or do International Court cases against Fidel or Raul in Cuba, and the "likes"...!.
I do not know if anybody can do much for Venezuela even if Chavez looses...!.
The sad story is, is that I do not know how Chavez can loose, because of the "implications"!...
Cheers to all, but Venezuela is in a "8 ball snooker" blocked game play!
Does that make sense? Yep! Under which rules did you make that "play" or "game"!...” 
 peasants for ever
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“I repeat:.
Folks and folklore and the Falkland Islands, I have a story for you all!:.
Nobody has done anything about Fidel or Raul and Cuba after 60years...!.
Carter did not go to Venezuela and the Elections!.
Venezuelan's are already in a "8 ball snooker" game in which the play/game is blocked!
Is this a real "play" or "game"? Yep, under these new rules it is!.
If Chavez looses, Venezuela will hardly be much different!
I doubt Chavez can loose! If he looses, it would have to be as the already failed attempt to cancer him! The other "implications" are deemed known and un-known!...” 
[1] follow-up no.1 [9:00pm venezuela time]- capriles web TV  stream music-blank-no programming...!

[2] follow-up no.2 -10:07pm - [ chavez 54% of 91% of total votes received so far ]

amazing grace...! everybody say amen...! to what do you all "pray", and what for ???

...long live the venezuelan "peasants" and the catholic "obscurrantist" church...!


do you have a "blackberry" ? , then you are venezuelan, nigerian or from Namibia...! or work at bombardier or have a contract for a F-35! or for that matter at B-O-E-IN-G...[all "electronic" instruments & pitot tubes working!] !