Monday, October 29, 2012

...state of world security 1...!


World Atomic Nuclear "naive" inter-continental ballistic missile security, and Submarine Atomic Nuclear capabilities!

The story of stories !

China has lost a lot of money in foreign deals,
and have taken advantage to en rich themselves
with foreign local cheap production.

Capitalism aims at controlling World countries
needs and "greed"! But Iran is on a power path

How long does a ballistic missile take to reach
a objective on continental North America or
even Europe? Lets say that 30 minutes!

When all where sleeping in World capitalism
peace, something went wrong! Can you imagine?
When does a treason happen? When they least
expect it!

What to do on a detection of a launch of a
ballistic missile? What if Satellites are
hacked or go off line for a few minutes?

Lets imagine the procedure of U.S.A for such
an imaginary situation!:

Somehow a ballistic missile is heading to
U.S.A., be it the East or West Coast! Oh sorry
which way does the jet stream go? No it is
prohibited to have the feasibility of a aerial
nuclear explosion!

Where does the head U.S.A. commander have to
be in 30 minutes? I do not know? Where is the
successor supposed to be? Near the nearest
deepest bunker, and close to a submarine if
needs be!

But no!, their intelligence dictates: to be on
a cumbersome 747, Air Force One! How is it that
World evil is so dumb? I am amazed thankfully
they are so naive and non violent!

Somebody in China has decided, they want to
cause a power play result! Nobody knows so far
why or how?

Anyway. What does it take for a rougue launch
of a ballistic missile? Who else has a fail
safe switch? Can a ballistic missile be made
ready and hot in a isolated silo?

When you see this year 2012, Vice-President
Biden, on the political campaign way off
somewhere, and the leading commander, way off
somewhere else! You wonder how can he control
everything from a 747?

Is a ballistic silo in contact via a hard
underground phone line to a head bunker? If 747
does not get through? Those good micro wave
telecommunication towers are mostly long gone!

And land telephone lines, are mostly on old
phone lines and poles! Can you imagine, World
security in the hands of cumbersome U.S.A., even
though they have a lot of advanced technology?
Admirably ridiculous!

They are counting on depending on Satellite
communications getting through, at least from one

Who knows if the ballistics missile in air, is a
dud or not? Can U.S.A. respond immediately and be
the real cause of a World Nuclear devastation?
You see, nobody is really ill or bad intentioned.
Only that they are armed to the teeth!

U.S.A. an the likes armed to the teeth with
Atomic Nuclear weapons, in so naive hands, is
a worse security threat than a rouge country!

Now the biggest security threat is verification
of identity! Can you imagine, a voice recording
or converter to Obama's voice or other? Can you
imagine that, they count on, probabilities, and
that it takes too many to pull off something of
too disastrous results!

The variables are getting to be more! And World
needs and peaceful times, is not guarantee of
nothing! Humans have always been warriors and
that is what something will make that warriors
behavior activate!

Iran and Israel, seems another easy power
play. And the leaders don't seem to have much
IQ! But never think so every time! What damage
can Israel bring upon itself, with a solo pre-
emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities?

Modern times education, can guarantee World
peace. But draconian minds, and religions
are no guarantee for any peace!

How are they going to stop Iran for good, on
any Nuclear Atomic weapons developments? I do
not know as I do not have all the needed data,
to determine this. But past data could be
guiding models!

All I know, is that when there are ballistic
missile capabilities! Every minute counts and
every minute you have to be on top security
alert! And 24/7 monitoring from the top of
all Atomic Bombs, on land and sea!

Imagine if you use another way of delivery
of an atomic weapon that could be more
concealable! No that is not going to happen so

I imagine a loaded cargo 747 with nuclear
weapons, as the perfect "blackmail"! Concealed
smaller atomic bombs! Ready to hard wire
detonate at anything! Hello papa, pull your
pants down!

Well if I were U.S.A. I would be ready for
doing the 747 small concealed atomic nuclear
bombs mission! I doubt so much on ballistic

Can you imagine a mission with a few 747's
loaded and landed in Iran or in flight
requesting to land? Man, Muslim "shit" I
need to see your "ass"!

I am sure this could be a "check mate"...!
Unless they are willing to be blown to pieces!
Better than a distance attack! Then you do the
bunker bombs!

Anyway, when War was invented, the game of
chess, and others were already in play! And  
military do not do things my way. They do it
under rules and regulations!

The lack of imagination in the Vietnam War, and
Irak and Afghanistan wars, is proof of how land
warfare in civilians conditions, demands more to

Anyway, it seems you can generally count on

"dumb" goverments, and "naive" evil !