Monday, October 22, 2012

...are you peanuts or "black" or BROWN...?

Peanuts, is as that is worth "peanuts", 
as you are "peanuts", as you are as
funny as a monkey eating "peanuts"...!

Between the Black-"negro", "male?" God of the Bible,
a negro actor in the Comic "Peanuts" by SCHULZ, which
I want to use today, and the contenders in the American
Elections, which one would you choose as a comic?
Because Negroes generally are very "comic capable" !

...first of all in Peanuts, it is said that to be "critical"
has to be a reason to be so "criticized" or not good!
"Charlie Brown" always loves being around with "Mafalda" girl
which is her name in spanish!

...secondly a negro friend i am including simply says:
"i am not criticized, we are generally profiled as bad
or made to be...!". to this day we are looked down at and
feel inferior generally in most public schools!

...this negro kid comic is not called "Brown" for some
reason of colors, as your poopoo or muck, but because of the
color of "brown sugar"! never think the bad reasons!

...its nearly Halloween, and how funny and scary is a black
kid with a skeleton attire! be complaisant is of the "cowards" said somebody, and
we would not be so advanced from 2,000 years ago here in
Canada and the Roman soldiers ancient "no-rights" techniques,
if it where not for "criticism"...!?

...'julius white' is the comic kids name, and he does not like
charlie brown nor his girl friend...! he simply tries too... !