Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...dedicated to the "black" neanderthals of the "comic" B.C.-b.c. !

GOLF sticks designs from "Before/Afore Christ"...!

...i admit Golf is a dexterity game!

[.] but golf sticks are made for shorty people !
[.] and longer sticks your size are not normally made !
[.] i do not know why handles of golf sticks are completely round ?
[.] why not have a guiding flat edge on the handle, to the front that center square the shot ?
[.] why are club sticks surfaces not more specific to a strait shot ?
[.] i experimented and there is a relationship between, the size of a "driving club", its volume and weight, and the distance you can hit the ball...! So if the driving club is too heavy to your strength, you cannot hit it hard enough...! is there a missing range of variables to be able to make a longer harder hit drive shot ? i do not know for now...!

...anyway to put on a green you have never putted on before, takes some practice and learning and a few over-shots...!

WHAT A FEW JOKES...! AND BLESSED BE THE BLACK "NEANDERTHALS" OF B.C. or b.c. or Before Christ, a myth character of "cruci-fiction"...!

DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THE WORD "ARCHAIC" MEANS ? Must be from the word "obsolete a-r-(c)k of Noah", or Canadian ASTRO-Concord...!