Wednesday, September 12, 2012

...inquest of logic - nothing to do with "holy inquest"...!

 Inquest of Logic - Inquisitoria de la Lógica

Language of Europe was more simple with fewer words.
By the 13th Century judicial and human legal rights were developing more.

For Joint/United - Quest/Venture/Saga, of the study and analysis of Logic in all most it's fields in Academia and human knowledge and practices, has been a life fulfillment.

The results as to my acceptance has been as all through out human history of, ignorance, inquisitional tendencies to my person, and outright self denial from most everybody.

I hope my Quest and now Inquest and not hopefully formal Judicial Inquiry, will not have put an end to any human progress to better ways of living and life!

As this is what has been the inferred answer I have received: "Pure Logic, is too ahead of it's time, or simply human will not be much better than they have been so far!

The amazing thing is that most humans pay and donate to worse logic activities, and live in like manner. And the World can go on for ever, in this sense, with not much more progress!

To live reality with the best knowledge and logic, is of true pure logic adults! We will establish centers of pure logic, with the ethics and moral teachings of normal humans and established laws.

What is, is and has been established. But was isn't and is better, is for all those that want to. And what is better cannot be detained, and has a place in World Academia and New Theology.

You can be what you want to be in whatever belief, study, and logic.

[C13: from Medieval Latin inquēsta,  from Latin in- ² + quaesītus  investigation, from quaerere  to examine]
late 13c., an-queste "legal or judicial inquiry," from O.Fr. enqueste "inquiry," from fem. pp. of V.L. *inquirere "inquire" (see inquire).