Friday, August 17, 2012 help and protect ! not to coerce and repress...!

Canadians trust in what is their "repressive-cohersive-communist" no rights public control, is in jeopardy !
And I did not say it: I have smelt it, and at very close, or too close touch !
One sat on me for mental health to oblige me to a "injection", because I negated myself, and a nurse did not like me answering back at her: and telling her to take what she was giving me obliged !

Distrust of the RCMP's senior managers by rank-and-file members is widening by "leaps and bounds," according to a letter sent recently by a 39-year veteran of the RCMP in British Columbia to his member of Parliament.

The letter, obtained by Postmedia News, is the latest salvo against RCMP leadership by disgruntled officers, who say their concerns are not being addressed.

Cpl. Loren Chaplin writes that the force "needs to be burnt to the ground, metaphorically speaking, and either resurrected from the ashes with clear new focus and direction ... or it needs to be buried once and for all as having outlived its intended purpose."

Read more: do not pay back for your shit to me...! do not do your shit to me ! and you still are to help and protect...!