Sunday, August 26, 2012

‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’ - are all humans that loving and sane ?

‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’

It is said that only U.S.A with out any other help can destroy all the World, as to major cities.
That all nations together can destroy with atomic bombs the World completely !
When you can do that, it means you wanted to get to that power !
They will destroy most of the World with Capitalism and Over-Population anyway !
So are World leaders evil, or a special form of educated or not so educated psychopaths ?
THIS ANSWER IS: both of the above ! AND WE SEE THEM ON TV and any media, as "normal" accepted human beings !

A political analyst has lashed out at the West’s campaign to halt Iran’s nuclear energy program, while the colossal nuclear stockpile of the global powers is pushing the world to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.

“With over 2000 highly operational nuclear weapons already in the world, it seems ridiculously ironic to try to attribute global insecurity to Iranian nuclear energy program which the US, Israel and some western countries claim to include military purposes,” Dr. Ismail Salami said in an article published on the Press TV website.

The author noted that instead of focusing on Iran's peaceful nuclear energy program on merely political grounds, the international community should be concerned about “the states in possession of the myriad nuclear bombs across the world.”

Relying on figures released by the arms control website, Salami argued that despite western countries’ obsession over Iran's nuclear energy program, they themselves pose the most dire threat to global security as they possess the highest number of nuclear warheads, especially highly operational warheads.

By definition, the analyst noted, highly operational denotes nuclear warheads which “can be shot at any desired time.”

Quoting statistics published by the Arms Control Association, Salami further stated that while the United States possesses about 5,000 total warheads, 1,737 of which are operational, Russia, France, and UK alone possess a total of over 1,900 deployed strategic warheads which are ready to be fired at any moment.

“In addition to the aforementioned report, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed in June that at the start of 2012, eight states - the United States, Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel - possessed approximately 4,400 operational nuclear weapons. Nearly 2,000 of these are kept in a state of high operational alert. If all nuclear warheads are counted, these states together possess a total of approximately 19,000 nuclear weapons.”

Salami noted that even Israel possesses 80 highly operational nuclear warheads.

“Israel, which follows a policy of nuclear ambiguity, [is] … widely known to possess 300 to 400 nuclear warheads with 80 of them in high operational alert according to SIPRI, that is, they are ready to fire.”..."]]]

... ‘Nuke powers push globe to apocalypse’ - are all humans that loving and sane ?
THEY ARE AL "SANE ENOUGH" is the correct answer ...! have such a arsenal that could eliminate normal life on this Planet, is "in-sane enough"...! believe in "peasants-poordom-slavery-hunger-wars" is the worst "insanity" more than mere "evil"...!

AGAIN IRAN CANNOT GET A NUCLEAR  ATOMIC BOMB...! Simple ! They once conquered ancient Worlds and even Israel and Jerusalem in the Crusades ! Arabs once ruled much of Europe ! They will try to do it again, under the freedom of immigration and freedom of religions ! ALL WE NEED IS A ATOMIC WEAPONS ARABS STATE to start the biggest problems the World has had after WW-II !

Iran would not be doing what they are doing unless they had bad intentions, as they will not get anymore progress for their population, if they have sacrificed their population already under the embargo's over the nuclear atomic weapons issue ! This is obvious ! YOU DO NOT SACRIFICE A POPULATION, for what is not going to help a population that is already being sacrificed ! OBVIOUS !

So folks, Israel attacks Iran hard conventionally, and then does Hiroshima on them ! Who is going to stop them ? A nuclear atomic counterattack and from whom ? Russia or China, or Packistan or India ? I DO NOT KNOW ! DO YOU?

I DO NOT THINK U.S.A has to do anything, if they are "intelligent" enough ! YOU ARE SMART: this time you wait and see ! IT IS YOUR BEST OPTION ! Believe me ! DO NOT MUCK IT UP KNOW after so many "successes" ! IF USA is going headlong in, dragged again by ISRAEL and their "Judaic Religion" it could be devastating ! LET THE JEWS, muck themselves this time !

If U.S.A gets hit in anyway in the aftermath, then "yahoouuuuuu"...! TANGO ! Please U.S.A. do not "muck" it up this time ! WHAT THE HECK ? You might not solve it as easy, doing pre-emptive ! Unless you do a complete full blown WAR and real hard probably more than conventional - to make a full stop! And they will have time to counter-attack, and who knows who else might AID them !