Monday, August 13, 2012

...ignorant Venezuelan's, Canadians, Americaners, etc...! WHY IS ELECTORAL VOTING "SECRET" FOR ...?

About fraud
Posted on August 13, 2012 by Francisco Toro

[["...It’s not a topic I find very productive, but sooner or later I have to address it in every election cycle. Not a week goes by that somebody doesn’t ask me: Don’t you think Chávez is just going to steal the election?

The answer is: obviously!

But it’s also: I really doubt it.

Because when we talk about electoral fraud, we’re really talking about a couple of different things:

    Campaign fraud, where state resources are mobilized en masse to support the government’s candidate, creating a grossly uneven playing field.
    Numerical fraud, where more people vote for Henrique Capriles than for Hugo Chávez on October 7th, but CNE declares Chávez the winner..."]]...

...why is electoral voting secret for ? SO THAT YOU CANNOT VERIFY YOUR VOTE COUNTED CORRECTLY...! Even if you do manual counting ! To count millions of votes manually is a daunting task ! And it is a 3rd party verifying and not yourself !

email sent:


i am lazy to hit the shift key for caps.

you know that it has happened before: the software

controlling the count of the electronic machines !

it is the software, as how do you hardwire a vote ?

the votes go to a electronic database, you comprehende ?

databases can be edited easily !

how can you, verify, that you vote is correct, and has

not been modified, unless the database were "public"...!

that is the problem with secret voting ! OF COURSE !

SO 1million-2million votes spread out in all of Venezuela,

changed to Chavez, is something very hard to verify or
denounce ! YOU SEE EVERYBODY cannot go to the
CNE again to check the database of votes to see if their
vote has been counted correctly ! IT IS A SECRET
DATABASE ! uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh !

uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, !

NOT EVEN in Canada, can I verify, that my vote counted !



Another email to two negation answers to REALITY !


Perdon pero no veo "ningun detalle" en las
bases de datos.

Como verificar su voto en base de dato CNE ? Confiar
en las mesas ? Y que despues el CNE no modifique
base de datos ?

Elecciones paralelas, en donde la oposicion registra
sus votantes ! Van online despues o antes de votar, y
lo hacen de manera registrada con LA OPOSICION. Aunque
sea en secreto o con un numero aleatorio no repetitivo
ni sequencial, diferente a la cedula. UD sabe que ud
voto si su numero esta alli, y que nadie reporte que
su numero no esta.

So with a paralel voting well done database, you have
how to claim a fraud to CNE and Chavez !

Do not try that here in Canada !
You might be mutilated or mangled, or "spasticated" !
O put into Mental reclusion !


Por favor me puede responder concretamente ?

A que tiene miedo ?



P.S.: SO IS DEMOCRACY BOGUS ? Well not completely !
But Canada does try to not have some creep, jerk getting into power !