Sunday, August 19, 2012

...believe me: "the needle and the 'hay' stack"...!


el cuento del chino y la aguja en el pajar !
que quelel ud. encontrar su voto ?
pol favol il["goto - if - then"] al base de dato del CNE !
ayi estal su boto secleto !
asi ud velifical si pude habel flaude{froid}...!
yo si cleel en botar[botas-booting]...!
mucho gusto:
yo sel el chino que se comio el cuento de la aguja ["ACCUPUNTURA"] en el pajal...!
el chino jolgito !


thei stoly of the chinese and the needle in the hay staackk !
guat du yu vant tou find yu bote ?
ples gou tu["goto - if - then"] data baise of CNE !
their yu vil fin yu voute seclet !
sou yu velifi iff their kan bei "flaudd{froid}" ...!
ai du belibe inn boting[boots-booting]...!
hou arei yu, nize :
ai ann thei chinezee tat eate thei stoly of thei "needle/pinn[accupuncturee]"
inn thei hay stacaackkk !
thei chineesee geolgitou !


the story of the chinese and the needle in the hay stack !
you want to find your vote ?
please goto["goto - if - then"] the database at the CNE !
there you will find your secret vote !
so you will be able to verify if there[their] has been any fraud !
i do believe in voting [booting-boots]...!
how are you ? very nice :
i[ai] am the chinese that swallowed whole the story of the
"needle/pinn[accupuncturee]" in the hay stack...!
the chinese jorgito/georgito !