Saturday, July 7, 2012

...rights, rules and laws...!


Canadians are the first people that I know that have
given up their basic rights ! Must be on false
pretenses of apparent public control, quietness,
and cleanness ! To do such a sacrifice, means that
they clearly have lost sense of the meaning of many
things, including the difference between a "rule",
a "right", and a "law"...!

For example:

A woman can "sell" her body, commonly known as a
prostitute. The rules and laws might be that it
is not allowed ! But her right is, that that is her
right ! It is her physical body ! Does she have the
need for this ? The answer is: I did not make the
lack of money, or social classes ! Not did I make
the need for street drugs !

Canada's government has traversed the boundaries 

of physical contact in their public control. Which 
defines a Dictatorship, in which bodily or mental 
torture is used for public control, political oppression, 
or other ! To outweigh benefits with methods used, 
is a misnomer in this case and many others ! Meaning 
clearly that we are in the hands of ignorant ancient 
persons or simply evil or worse anti-human !

Any physical contact, or any force, or any obliged
ingestion, or obliged signing of anything, other than
detention or time out, opposes, any humanity
progress acquired over so many years !

It clearly declares and affirms, their willful ignorance,
of not knowing any better and correct methods ! It is
proof of their failed education and economic system !

Can this system of Canada last ? Of course it can !
But at a great human rights cost ! It is similar to 

having animals in a cage. They will never do anything 
wrong to anybody ! Until they get out !

The minimum rights, is that under certain decibels 

of  tonality or volume, you can freely say anything 
you want ! Plus many other things. And I am sorry but 
what is insured so it is. And what isn't is not ! You can 
have your rules,  but there are supposed to be laws for 
this. How do you stop pranks and small damages, 
City rubbish, painting of things, etc...? You have 
occupational programs and full employment ! If there 
is too much rubbish, you use plenty of "dodo's" to 
pick it up ! A cars paint got scratched. It has to be 
repaired or accumulative repair done. Car mechanics 
is another thing which insurance is too dear or there 
is none for !

The same as what is done in your house design of 

water piping and electricity. Usage percentage, 
means everybody will not prank. And if there is 
nothing to be upset about, and plenty other occupations, 
nobody would have the time to prank !

Normally people of good living do not have time for 

"pranks" ! That is the answer ! And I did not again,
make the need nor the lack of well living and being !

What the Government of Canada is doing is what you 

can define, as a final measure of despair ! There is 
only worse beyond their way of doing things. Which 
would be worse than a Banana Republic ! Actually it is 
amazing that under such logic, they have Universal 
Health care and Government economic meager 
assistance !

I must add that under any repressive Government 
system you engender deep desires of "freedom" ! But 
Canadians have lost this definition of "freedom" !

Their system does not control me, nor has taught me 
anything ! All I have learned is to be "repressed" ! I 
come from where these controls do not exist ! And as 
adults we attend normally to our problems. You do not 
look for a fight, you make a conversational response, 
and otherwise you ignore ! Anything else has 
Prefecture ways of citations. After further problems,
Prefectures use Policing and Courts. Canadians do 
irresolute issues for meager public control with no 
justice resolution. And are the biggest "tit-for tat" 
non-balanced I have ever known ! Their "tit-for-tat" 
even can be death by any means not criminally defined 
or a accident ! Really a very senseless logic !

Their system of control over "children style minds 
with adult bodies",  makes a dead-end road to any 
progress! It is a false reality of quietness, cleanliness, 
and apparent good behavior ! They do not need progress ! 
They gave up their "personas" ! It is a aberration of 
justice ! Some still try to escape on occasions South
to USA for some burning off of steam !


 "...I PREFER a bit rubbished or dirty house, home or CITY, for my freedom of speech, and normal behavior of freedom of presence, THAN WHAT CANADA CONSIDERS TO BE "NORMAL"...!"

"...I PREFER to be me, and not any CANADIAN that I know so far, nor anyone, or RCMP Police racist, narcisist, megalonomanic, communist, extreme controlling, will control me thus, and I will be this that I am, in CANADA, and anywhere !"

"...I PREFER the truth, than imaginary beliefs on "paper" in a book, be it RELIGION , or ACADEMIA EVOLUTION...! AS I AM ME, and nobodies else's desires of control over me...!"

"...I PREFER "HEAVEN" HERE than an imaginary one to never come...!"

"...I PREFER TO BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT I WANT, so that I do not go on, being a "dumb-bell" that could not say anything for yourself...!"

"...I PREFER TO OPPOSE anything I do not believe, so that as equally others are told wrong things, they do not believe for ever stories and lies...!"

"...I PREFER TO BE ME, than what Canada Mental Health Act, believes I should be, or want me to be...!, or anybody else...!"

"...I WILL BE ME, and not what anybody else thinks is better for me, other than what my parents taught me and I learned normally from "normal" sources... !

" I AM ME, BECAUSE I COME FROM A WELL EDUCATED UNIVERSITY BACKGROUND, AND no-education rights, even non-government funded, is another misnomer of CANADA...!"

George F. Thomson