Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of Sardine Can

Review of Sardine Can

 July 2, 2012. 4:45 pm • Section: Word of Mouth

George Thomson
12:59 PM on 7/4/2012
First of all I have not made up my mind between which is worse: a packet of wieners/"hot dogs", or a "tin can" of sardines...!
Secondly I had not met as many "tin cans" as a CANADIAN TIN CAN ! Rotten in the mind to the bone !

1:01 PM on 7/4/2012
Thirdly I did not know most restaurants and franchises like : EARL'S or RICKY's are essentially broke ! THEY SERVE "OLD" FOOD...! And I had not seen so many lack of capacity of knowing what they are eating !

1:04 PM on 7/4/2012
Fourthly bast not last nor least: I did not know a Jewelry store could sell more Jewelry than the few that have money in Vancouver to buy anything...! YOU DO THE MATHS...!

1:05 PM on 7/4/2012
Are there are more intelligent Canadians "out-there"...?